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Sarah and Cancer

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Sarah was my relative that I loved, just as you all love your close relatives. She

was misdiagnosed several years ago and was treated for a bladder infection when she actually

had a virulent cancer. By the time the doctor saw what it was several months had gone

by and successful treatment was difficult.

Having been healed of a near death illness only a couple years before, I felt close

to the very ill and the dying and I prayed for Sarah that she would beat the odds as I

had. I remember going with her to the oncologist when it was determined what her illness

was and talking to her about dying. They gave us some hope at one point when they started

a new treatment for her, but it was too late.

One day another relative called me to tell me that Sarah was getting too ill to remain at home and

so with her permission I made her an appointment at the oncologist's office the next AM and we were

to take her in. About 4 in the morning I woke up and everything was still and quiet and there were these

thoughts coming to me. Was it a dream? I was told that it was OK to take Sarah in to see the doctor, but

that she was going to die of her illness soon. However I was not to worry about her, because she was

a person chosen to go to Heaven.

When I woke up in the morning we took her to the doctor's and as soon as he saw that her skin was

yellow he ordered her to the hospital. Her illness had brought her to jaundice. I personally wheeled her

into her new hospital room, and the first thing I saw there was a white board on the wall and

there was one word on it, "Heaven". I stared at it, and it meant something to me, it was a confirmation

of my dream. How on earth did it come to be on that board?

Every day she got worse, especially when they did the exploratory surgery. One day the hospital administrator

called me into his office and asked me about Sarah's desire to continue the fight. I told him how a similar question

had been put to my wife about me a couple years before, but I had lived and returned to my job and also

to driving. But I told him that Sarah was a different case and her orders were for no heroic actions to be

taken to save her if she was dying, as they said she was. He nodded and she died nine day after entering

the hospital. The doctors were amazed that she had died so soon.

It was her time to go, as it comes to all of us at the proper time. Is she in Heaven? That is what I was told, and

I have come to see that there is much to believe in. More that some people can dream of.

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To wrap this up from my perspective....

I later learned that "Heaven" was part of the name of one of the nurses in the cancer wing, and that may have had something to do

with the short message, but this matters not to me because of the timing, and to me it is a startling


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It's awful watching someone die from cancer, it leaves a lasting impression on the family that took care of them. Sometimes there is nothing that can be done but let them go.

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