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True experiences with unorthodox medicines

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We come across so much information so it would be good if ppl who tried different remedies

the advertisers will have reason to lie,the books may be influenced but the patient can shed light on reality

others can use the information.

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We have a tendency to try whatever someone says will help. This is of course making yourself a human guinea pig, so precautions are in order.

First, I find out what is in it and check the internet. I also talk to others about it, including most especially doctors (this is one benefit of having medical friends -- although one never seeks medical advice outside their office, it doesn't hurt in casual conversation to drop the name of some herb or whatever and test the temperature).

Also, if the decision is to try it, start off for the first week at very small doses.

Over time I've accumulated several Chinese herbs or other nostrums that do work, at least for me, are cheaper than western drugs and in some cases work much better. I think the problem with these is that because they have been around so long, drug companies can't get a patent and so are will not spend the money needed to actually learn whether they are good or not, and often they are good (the Chinese have been at this a long time).

I think for serious things I would tend to stick with western placebo-tested drugs, but for things like appetite suppression, hay fever relief, and so on, Chinese tradition provides an effective set of alternatives.

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