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Experiences from time to time

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Hey all

First of all, it wasn't, until a few years ago, I became interested in the paranormal. As a young teenager I was too busy getting drunk, chasing girls, attending sports and school, to really fully wrap my head around things, we are yet to fully understand..

..but I have, since I can remember, experienced odd stuff from time to time, though I've always had a rational explanation to what was going on..

My interest, or curiosity, all started when I a few years ago started working at an old restaurant in a small Norwegian town. Local legends said that the place was haunted, and my new co-workers were quick to trying to convince me, that the legends were true, and all of them had had experience with "The White Lady" as the most common ghost was called.

Being a foreigner, and new to the area I mostly laughed it all of, believing it was part of the everyday pranks going on in a restaurant among the employees..

One night, after service, I was walking around in the basement - a finer addition to the restaurant on the first floor, I suddenly felt like I wasn't alone - thinking it could be one of the chefs trying to scare me, I didn't think much of it, and went on with my duties.

When I was done, I locked the door, took the register out and went upstairs into the kitchen - when I reached the last step of the stairs, I got that common feeling of forgetting something, though not knowing what it exactly was, I went down again. When I opened the door to the restaurant I was amazed, all the candles where lid and a table was completely messed up - the napkins were either knocked over or wrinkled, as if someone had wiped their mouth with them.

A few days later, again after service, my co-workers and I sat down in the bar area to have a knock off drink, when all of us heard loud food steps from the kitchen, being alpha males, in front of girls, the chefs and I went to investigate - after a complete search of, not only the kitchen, but the entire place, believing a guest had fallen asleep on the toilets and wandered of, trying to get out(yup, it happens), we found nothing, all the exits were locked, no windows were open and we had all been sitting around the same table.

About a month after this, we were having yet another knock off drink, this time on the second floor - a fancy discotheque. Suddenly the whole floor started vibrating, like sitting on a generator going off, again we went to investigate - a waiter and I went to check the air condition, placed up on the addict. The lights didn't work there, so I decided to light a candle, but every time I tried to, it was like someone was blowing out the flame. Finally I got it lid, and the place went from completely dark to being gloomy. The waiters and my eyes, simultaneously was drawn to the far corner, and there she was, The White Lady eerily staring at us.

The rest of the night was spend on talking about our different experiences at the restaurant. At one point a friend to one of the waiters suddenly looked at me, and told me, that my great grandmother was standing beside me, and letting the friend know, that she was my guardian angle, and nothing was going to happen to me, as the friend told me this, she also described in detail what my great grandmother was wearing and what she looked like.

Being 3 or 4 years old, when she died I didn't recollect much about her, so the next day I called a relative, who was with her, when she died. His description sent chills to backbone, it was almost word for word exactly the same as the friend had told me, even the clothes she wore, when she died matched

The weird thing is, the friend, had never met her before that night, and hadn't told anyone about my great grandmother, as I didn't remember her.

Also, one of the legends, stated that, if someone saw The White Lady "in person" something bad would happen. About two weeks later, the waiter, who also saw her, died very mysteriously, the police first investigated it as a homicide, but later came to the conclusion that the cause of death was a freak accident.



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Those are some pretty interesting stories. thanks for shareing

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