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XCOR Tests Lynx Spaceplane Engine

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XCOR Aerospace Announces Significant Propulsion Milestone on Lynx Suborbital Vehicle

March 26, 2013, Mojave, California - XCOR Aerospace today announced a first in aviation and space history, the firing of a full piston pump-powered rocket engine. This breakthrough is the foundation for fully reusable spacecraft that can fly multiple times per day, every day. It is a game changing technology that has the power to fundamentally alter the way we as a society view, visit, and utilize the abundant resources around our planet and in our solar system.

The initial portion of XCOR's pump test program culminated in a 67-second engine run with the propulsion system mated to the flight weight Lynx fuselage. After the installation of the flight sized liquid oxygen tank, the next test sequence will extend the engine run duration to the full powered flight duration of the Lynx Mark I suborbital vehicle.

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XCOR Aerospace 67 second pump fed rocket engine firing on Lynx fuselage

67 second engine test featuring XCOR's 2,500 lb-thrust Lynx main engine (one out of four engines). This engine is fed entirely by XCOR's revolutionary rocket propellant piston pumps, which are far more cost effective and manufacturable than turbopumps. Both the liquid oxygen oxydizer and kerosene fuel are being pumped into the engine using this techonology. For more information, see our press release at

Credit: XCOR Aerospace

Source: XCOR Aerospace - YouTube Channel

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