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The robotic dragonfly science fiction predict

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It’s always fascinating when reality catches up to science fiction, and with the current advances in quadcopters and robotics, it seems like that is happening on a daily basis. Today’s mind-blowing robotics demonstration is brought to you by Festo, which has made a quadcopter that looks and moves just like a dragonfly.

You see it all the time in shows and comic books where science fiction and fantasy cross paths. Robotic insects that can be controlled by the protagonist and exist to act as invisible eyes and ears, and maybe even sneak into somewhere small and save the day. It’s an incredibly cool idea, but as we’ve only barely mastered tiny flying machines that look like an actual machine, tiny machines that look like dragonflies are still far off. That’s still true, but now it’s only mostly true. The Festo BionicOpter was built to fly in very much the same way as a dragonfly, giving it some unique flying abilities.


Wow! Too cool!

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