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Saved on Easter

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I wasn't raised in the church and would only go to church once a year, not always and not with my family, I would usually go with a friend. We liked getting dressed up most of all.

In the year 2000 I was "saved" on Easter. I went up to the alter at the end of the service, being particulatly moved by the spirit and confessed Jesus as my lord and savior. This was a very meaningful time for me and I began to actively persue my Christian life and the Spirit of God was extremely active during this time of growth and restoration. I have been through many spiritual changes since then and all of them were great (even if it didn't appear that way on the outside), because it is all apart of my own personal journey.

I believe it was in that instant, on that Easter Sunday and the first three years that followed that were the most pivitol time in my spiritual life.

Let's remember that many go to church only once a year and that will be this morning (probably already home eating, I am in the pacific time zone) and pray for those who begin their spiritual walk today. Sometimes the road is tough, but when we stick with it, it is always beautiful. Thank you all my saints of God with your beautiful praying spirits.

God bless you this resurrection Sunday and let's truly remember its meaning... what it means to be alive again!

Amen, peace and blessings!

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Posted (edited)

It is interesting how such experiences involve a once off revelation and then a lifetime of study, work, discipline and effort. It only requires one instant (and it can happen anywhere not just in church) for a person to connect with god, but it takes a lifetime to get to know him.

In many ways this is why it is symbolised as a marriage relationship. I was "struck by the thunderbolt", when I first saw my wife but 41 years later I am still learning about her, and how to maintain a loving, positive, and creative relationship with her. This is also true for god and I.

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