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Healing at Work

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After my own healing in 2002, I was very close to the Lord as are many people who

are grateful for having their lives saved. All this I wrote about in "Alive Again".

At first I was not fully back to normal for 4-5 years, but still I had to go back to work

so we would have something to live on. Some of my fellow workers knew some

of what I had been through and how I prayed for the sick, often with positive results.

Well, one day I got a call from our headquarters office upstairs and it was Darlene, one

of the computer experts, asking me to come up so I could be shown where some

of our data was being stored. When I got there she showed me a server dedicated

to our group and told me all about it. Then came the real question, and I was told that

her father was soon to go through a difficult quadruple bypass of the heart. The patient

was way overweight and the doctor was said to be quite worried about him. She asked

me to help him. I didn't know exactly what she wanted me to say, but I told her that

I prayed for people like him, and I would pray hard for him. She was happy at that, and

I went on my way. I prayed for him often and hard, and good news came within a couple weeks.

The gentleman had gone through the operation, and had lost tons of weight, but he was doing well and

should have a pretty long life ahead of him. Thanks be to God!

Well, as I have said, I was not allowed to accept any thanks, and to do so is surely

a way to get in big trouble, in my words! One day he came down to my office, to thank me I think, and

I saw him and went off in another direction before he could catch me. Being thanked just got me

in trouble and I would much rather he thank Jesus. That was where the healing came from. Not me!

Another time an older lady had asked me for prayer and I suppose it went well, and she asked if I would accept

some money as thanks. That was the last thing I wanted to hear and I told her how grateful I was, but

if she was grateful to give a special extra donation to her local church for the prayer. I dodged another bullet, that time.

God rewards us enough without us accepting money from a patient and again as I say, "Getting in big trouble!"

May all of you walk in the favor of the Highest Power.

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