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Just a quick question, has anybody during meditation and/or during their travels experienced perfection???

whether it be an experience, vision, understanding any and all references would be gratefully appreciated.

Finally what did it mean to you, did it change anything for you???

cheers, peace out...

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Okay no takers, I’ll expand on what perfection means to me.

For some reason I have to ponder on the big questions, don't really want to, haven't really any understanding as to why this is I just do.

So one day I found my thoughts working through from the beginning of time and I asked “what could bring about the end of time?”

Putting myself in the frame of mind that you might call 'god' I initially had already come up with my own theory as to how the universe came into play, not dissimilar to the usual creationist rubbish, although a couple of twists as to the how but that's bye-the-bye.

So I wondered on how could it all be brought to an end?

Then for some reason my thoughts turned to the circle of life, after a brief moment I then remembered something I had read/seen somewhere about how a few mathematicians had been obsessed with circles. Constantly having to draw them over and over again trying to draw by free hand the perfect circle. I then expanded that to a sphere, knowing that in nature the bubble is the

nearest thing to perfection we can get.

So I then pondered a little more as to what it is that perfection actually represents?

So taking the mind of god again I reasoned as to why 'I' wanted this universe and what is it's ultimate design? Obviously my thoughts turned to thought itself, then to consciousness and with that I thought well if it was my design the reason why I would consider such an idea, notion, experiment would to see if through natural design could a consciousness actually then expand to the level of my own, me still being god that is, and then I found myself sitting in a nothingness were everything that once existed no longer did!

With this in mind I concluded that god had designed this universe in order to find a companion equal to itself, to me god is lonely, or is that just me?

I use the word/name god but you could replace that with whatever suits your palate. My final conclusion was that it is probably best not to chase after the mind of god as if you were to acquire it everything else would cease to exist as the ultimate design would have been met, game over you might say?

Then I was hit with the question “what next?”

Food for thought...

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Perfection in my life is to never need to worry or be concerned about any thing.

Too simple??


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