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The Dover Demon Legend

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Question: What is the Dover Demon?

"The Dover Demon is an alleged cryptozoological creature sighted on three separate occasions during a 25-hour period in the town of Dover, Massachusetts on April 21 and April 22, 1977. It has remained a subject of interest for cryptozoologists ever since then. Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman was the initial investigator and the individual who named the creature the Dover Demon; it was disseminated by the press, and the name stuck. Coleman quickly assembled and brought into the inquiry three other investigators: Joseph Nyman, Ed Fogg, and Walter Webb. All were well-known ufological researchers in eastern Massachusetts, with Webb being the assistant director of the Hayden Planetarium at Boston's Science Museum. Coleman did not feel he was necessarily dealing with a ufological phenomenon, but he wanted to have seasoned investigators with good interviewing skills to do a comprehensive examination of the eyewitnesses and their families, as well as law enforcement, educational, and community members."


Dover Demon

Anyone can do any amount of work provided it isn't the work he/she is supposed to be doing.

Just about every area of the world has its own mysterious monster stories. In Dover, Massachusetts, a puzzling creature was reported during only one brief period, but the Dover Demon has become part of the permanent lore of the area. According to cryptozoologist Loren Coleman, 1977 was an unusually eventful year for strange occurrences. UFO and creature sightings were abnormally frequent and often seemed to be connected; they often occurred in closely related times and places. Many of the creature sightings involved mysterious monsters with humanlike forms. People wondered if some of these creatures were from outer space. When Coleman heard reports of a mysterious monster sighted near Dover in April of that year, he went to investigate.

Dover, the wealthiest town in Massachusetts, is fifteen miles southwest of Boston. Although it is heavily wooded and its houses are spaced several hundred feet apart, it is hardly a place in which one would expect to encounter a strange creature unknown to science, but that's exactly what four teenagers claim they saw over a 251/2-hour period in April 1977.

The bizarre affair began at 10:30 on the evening of April 21 as three seventeen-year-olds, Bill Bartlett, Mike Mazzocca and Andy Brodie, were driving north on Dover's Farm Street. Bartlett, who was behind the wheel, spotted something creeping along a low wall of loose stones on the left side of the road. At first he thought it was a dog or a cat until his headlights hit the thing directly and Bartlett realized it was nothing he had ever seen before.

the figure slowly turned its head and stared into the light, its two large, round, glassy, lidless eyes shining brightly "like two orange marbles." Its watermelon-shaped head, resting at the top of a thin neck, was fully the size of the rest of the body. Except for its oversized head, the creature was thin, with long spindly arms and legs, and large hands and feet. The skin was hairless and peach-colored and appeared to have a rough texture ("like wet sandpaper," Bill subsequently told [cryptozoologist] Loren Coleman).

The figure, which stood no more than three and a half to four feet tall, was shaped like "a baby's body with long arms and legs." It had been making its way uncertainly along the wall, its long fingers curling around the rocks, when the car lights surprised it

unfortunately neither of Bill's companions saw the creature. Mike was watching his own side of the road, and Andy was sitting in back talking with him. The sighting lasted only a few seconds and before Bill could speak he had passed the scene. Mike and Andy told Coleman, however, that their friend was "pretty scared" and sounded "genuinely frightened." At first they were skeptical but Bill's obvious fear forced them to change their minds. "I really flew after I saw it," Bill said. "I took that corner at 45, which is pretty fast. I said to my friends, 'Did you see that?' And they said, 'Nah, describe it' I did and they said, 'Go back. Go back!' And I said, 'No way. No way' When you see something like that, you don't want to stand around and see what it's going to do. "They finally got me to go back and Mike was leaning out of the window yelling, 'Come on, creature!' And I was saying, 'Will you cut that out?' Andy was yelling, 'I want to see you!'

but the creature was gone. Bill dropped his friends off and went home. He was visibly upset as he walked through the door and his father asked him what was wrong. Young Bartlett related the story, then withdrew to sketch what he had seen. In the meantime, another teenager was about to see the creature. Around midnight John Baxter, fifteen, left his girlfriend Cathy Cronin's house at the south end of Millers High Road in Dover and started walking up the street on his way home. Half an hour later, after he had walked about a mile, he observed someone approaching him. Because the figure was quite short, John assumed it was an acquaintance of his, M.G. Bouchard, who lived on the street. John called out, "M.G., is that you?"

There was no response. But John and the figure continued to approach each other until finally the latter stopped. John then halted as well and asked, "Who is that?" The sky was dark and overcast and he could see only a shadowy form. Trying to get a better look he took one step forward and the figure scurried off to the left, running down a shallow wooded gully and up the opposite bank. As it ran John could hear its footfalls on the dry leaves.

He followed the thing down the slope, then stopped and looked across the gulley. The creature - for now John could see that was what it was - stood in silhouette about thirty feet away, its feet "molded" around the top of a rock several feet from a tree. It was leaning toward the tree and had the long fingers of both hands entwined around the trunk, which was eight inches in diameter, as if for support.

the creature's body reminded John of a monkey's, except for its dark "figure-eight"-shaped head. Its eyes, two lighter spots in the middle of the head, were looking straight at John, who after a few minutes began to feel decidedly uneasy. Realizing that he had never seen or heard of such a creature before and fearing what it might do next, he backed carefully up the slope, his heart pounding, and "walked very fast" down the road to the intersection at Farm Street. There a couple passing in a car picked him up and drove him home.

The next day Bill Bartlett told his close friend Will Taintor, eighteen, of his sighting. And that night - around midnight - Taintor himself would catch a fleeting glimpse of the creature. [Will] was driving Abby Brabham, fifteen, home when the encounter took place. As they passed along Springdale Avenue, Abby spotted something in the headlights on the left side of the road. The "something" was a creature crouched on all fours and facing the car. Its body was thin and monkeylike but its head was large and oblong, with no nose, ears or mouth. The thing was hairless and its skin was tan or beige in color. The facial area around the eyes was lighter and the eyes glowed green. Abby insisted this was the case, even after investigators told her that Bill Bartlett had said the eyes were orange.

Hello everyone! DarkGaia here! Again the story was too long so if you would like to read it, click the link at the top. I found a way to improvise the image links so here are some:

If you have any more ideas (for videos and pictures) I will put it in a comment.


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