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The Fantasy Begins

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--------------------------------------Chapter 1----------------------------------------------

It’s a great morning in Midgar radio, WCIT and it’s 5:13 Midgar time. Don’t forget all you cadets of SOLDIER that the 1st class field test is today!" The boy shut his radio from under his covers. He got up from his bed and grabbed his uniform from the post of his bed. He slipped in his pants and his shirt, put on his shoulder guards, and clipped his carbon bangle on his wrist. He grabbed his Shin-ra sword and rushed out his dorm door. He ran with his long silver hair following him. Out in the street was his Soldier comrades. All standing in a row. He stood with the 2nd class men were. At the tender age of 16 he was proud to be 2nd class in the mightiest fighting group, Soldier. The commander, Commander Kain Croft was going up and down the lines taking roll call. He was in the 1st class row now. The boy looked at the row and saw that Kain was at his best friend. “Name?" Said Kain. The man answered “Hiro Armada".

Hiro was his best friend. Hiro taught him everything he knew in swordsmanship. And that was a lot because he was the best 1st class soldier ever. Hiro’s the only one that can handle the very long sword he has, it’s called the masamune. Kain finally came to the boy. “Name" he asked. The boy answered," Sephiroth".

After roll call, Kain told his troops about there assignments. “The following people are going to Wutai for their exam, Bob, Tim, Alex, and there 1st class support will be Will". Sephiroth watched as the four soldiers climbed on the train to the Midgar airport. “Next group" yelled Kain. “Ronald, Tai, Sephiroth, and support is... Hiro. You’re assigned to the rebel fraction at gold saucer amusement complex". Sephiroth got aboard the train. So did everyone else. The train started for the airship port. “So" said Sephiroth," What’s the mission". Hiro answered," it seems that a man is threatening to use a summon materia on the complex unless Shin-ra dissolves". “Wow" exclaimed Sephiroth.

The train stopped and they boarded the airship, highwind. They rode the huge ship to the town of north corel. North corel is a bustling coal mining town that houses the tram to Gold Saucer. They entered the tram. On the ride up they saw fireworks everywhere. Then they saw Gold saucer itself. The golden walls and columns. The lights, attractions, and people. When the tram ended, Hiro split up the group. “OK, Ron, you go to the event square, Tai, you go to the wonder square and Sephiroth, you go to the battle square. I'll stay here." Each soldier jumped down their tube. When Sephiroth arrived he ran to the square. As he stood he watched the battles. A little time later a big man came up to Sephiroth. He had huge muscles and a gold belt at his waist. " Hey boy" he stated. “You look like you can fight, you wanna go a round in the arena, it’s on me".

Sephiroth answered," Okay". Sephiroth walked in the fighting arena. The man first released a hedgehog pie for him to fight. Sephiroth drew his sword and rushed at the monster. He slashed but the red devil leaped over his blade. But before it could get out of the way Sephiroth swung upwards, cutting it in two. The intercom rang," Good job boy! Round two comes with a handicap. A monitor showed a sign that meant all yellow materia were disabled. That was good because Sephiroth had no yellow materia. Out of the other side came a sweeper. Right away Sephiroth used bolt2. Lighting came down on the menace and fried him. The third round came but Sephiroth heard the yell of one of his friends, Ron.

Sephiroth ran out of the arena only to see a blood stained body of Ron. Sephiroth gasped. Standing next to Ron was a man with fangs, spiked hair, and a hardedge sword. The man was talking to Ron’s body," I am Draco, and that will show the Shin-ra that it’s days were numbered. An anger raged in Sephiroth. He yelled," You’ll pay". Draco saw Sephiroth and ran. Sephiroth gave chase. He followed Draco down the tube to wonder square. When Draco landed, Tai saw his bloody hardedge and attacked. Tai held off for some time but Draco was too strong. Tai jumped back and used Fire3. But before he could complete his spell, Draco impaled him. Draco drew back his hardedge and jumped in the station tube. Sephiroth ran to Tai. He was dead. Again something inside of him fueled a fire. Sephiroth ran after him. In the station, Draco ran to the tram. Sephiroth landed and told Hiro," That man killed Ron and Tai!" Hiro unleashed the masamune and attacked. Hiro overwhelmed Draco. Slash after kick after Parry. Hiro was amazing. Hiro jumped over and in back of Draco. In one slash he cut Draco in the arm. Draco grabbed his wound. Draco stared at Hiro and said," No man from Shin-ra will stop me". Draco held up a red materia. A black cloud covered the station. A black knight came on a 6 legged horse. Hiro gazed in horror," It’’s the ultimate warrior Odin!" Before Hiro could react Odin slashed him in the stomach and flew away. Hiro dropped his sword and fell to the ground. Sephiroth yelled "Noooooooo!!!!" Hiro, the fallen warrior was breathing his last breaths. " Sephiroth" Weakly said Hiro. “Don’t talk" said Sephiroth. Hiro continued," Take the masamune... You might be able to use it....Strike..that ... son of a b****... d ..o ..w......". Hiro died that moment. " Well" said Draco," your next to die you Shin-ra scum". Sephiroth grabbed the masamune. Draco raised his hardedge. Sephiroth rush attacked Draco. They fought. Sephiroth had Draco on the run. He wondered if he surpassed the teacher. Sephiroth could not believe he could handle the masamune this easily. He side slashed Draco in the arm and impaled him. Sephiroth slid his new sword out of Draco’s body. Then it hit him, he mastered the masamune. Hours later a Shin-ra Task force was everywhere. They took the three fallen soldiers away. Sephiroth was asked questions, and was brought back to Midgar.

Sephiroth stood still at Hiro funeral. He wore the black cape that Hiro once wore. He looked on as Hiro was lowered to the ground. Hiro’s family gave Sephiroth his masamune. And because he defeated Draco, he was moved to 1st class. Thanks to Hiro, Sephiroth fulfilled his dream.

Two years later: WutaI war

"Incoming!!" yelled the black haired boy as he split through the wutai soldier with his huge metal blade. Two more came from the treetops dressed in black ninja costumes. He used ice2 and the soldiers froze. In one swift slice he broke the ice statues. He held his blade knowing that there would be more this far in the enemy’s land. He knew something was up because the forest was too quiet. No wind or birds. That’s when they attacked. About twenty soldiers, guns drawn around him. He dropped his sword. Then there was a bright light from the top of the trees. Hunched over a wutai soldier was a man in a black cape. He stood up and turned around. He brushed his long silver hair out of his face. “Hello, I’m Sephiroth, and you all will die" He said. He moved his very long sword in the air and used bolt3 on all the soldiers. The bolts of lighting fried the men to a crisp. “Come on" ordered Sephiroth. Sephiroth and the boy ran back to the highwind. Sephiroth changed in the last two years. Not only did he turn 18 but he became the best fighter

ever. Ever since his friend Hiro died and gave him the masamune he trained himself. All his materia was mastered and his sword skills sharper then his sword. He was pronounced the greatest man in SOLDIER and was made a captain of the 1st

class army of SOLDIER at the age of 18. Sephiroth sat at the table of the highwind’s operation room. Next to him was his friend, Zack. He was from Gonzaga town. He made it to first class when he was 17. He had a huge steel sword called a buster sword. He also had a girlfriend in Midgar. Zack passed his fingers through his black hair," So, I could of taken all those wutai b*******". Sephiroth faintly smiled," Hojo wanted us in the highwind". And at that moment a man in a lab coat entered. “Hello my so... I mean hello Zack and Sephiroth". Said Hojo. He walked around the table and typed something in the projector database.

On the screen appeared a half naked girl. Hojo deleted the picture," My fault". He typed in a new sequence of keys. This time it showed a three mile area map of the town of Wutai. Hojo pressed a button and zoomed into the Wutai mountains. Sephiroth had seen these mountains before. He huge statues of the greatest Wutai warriors built in the mountain. Hojo started to speak," The main attack force of the wutai army is hidden in the intertwined network

of caves. Well a Turk named Rude told me that the wutai commander, Gordo, has the leviathan scale. That scale has the power to summon water out of nowhere. I want to study it". Zack rose his hand," How are two men gonna sneak behind enemy lines and steal this thing?" Hojo pushed another button and the screen showed outside the highwind. The highwind was flying towards the wutai mountains. Hojo continued," The highwind will provide cover fire as you two parachutes down. Once you land Zack, you protect the cave’s path so no wutai soldiers could follow Sephiroth". Hojo looked at Sephiroth," you must break through their defenses and get the magical scales. I chose you because.., let’s just say you are the most powerful man in SOLDIER". Sephiroth and Zack exited the operation room to the ready room. The both of them slipped in their parachutes and went to the outside deck.

The highwind was over the mountains. The ship’s guns fired at the mountains. Without warning, Sephiroth jumped over the edge of the deck. Zack followed. The hovered in the air. Sephiroth’s cape slowed him down. They pulled the rip cord. Once they hit ground there were soldiers. They fired their guns. Sephiroth slashed the men and ran into the cave. Zack stayed and protected the cave entry. Sephiroth ran through the cave, jumping every trap and hole. A wutai soldier ran around the corner. Sephiroth cut him in half. As he ran he saw more soldiers. One rookie stop and yelled," Oh sh**, it’s the great Sephiroth," and ran away. Sephiroth ran more for a good hour until he came a cross a whole squadron of wutai soldiers guarding a steel door. The wutai fired at Sephiroth. Sephiroth ducked behind a outcropping. He peered to see that the soldiers weren’t giving up in the fight. Sephiroth had a idea. He jumped from his hiding place. He was shot in the sholder in mid air. Before he hit the ground he used quake3. The soldiers were dragged into the earth. Sephiroth hit the cave floor with a thud. Blood was surfacing from his clothes. Without pain he took out the bullet and used cure3 to heal himself. He looked back at the men. He said quietly," Why do they waste their lives trying to kill me. When no one can even catch up with my power!"

He lifted the latch of the door and entered. There was a table with the scales on it. Sephiroth went in and blacked out. When he awoke he was strapped down on a table. He saw a man with some kind of robe and a soldier wearing a grand piece of armor. He also had a sword. Sephiroth managed to speak," That’s... the sword of seven dragons!" The soldier smiled," it is". The other man spoke," I am Gordo, the general of the wutai forces. And this is your death! Ryu, cut him in half. Ryu lifted his sword. At that moment the steel door fell. The two men turned around. Zack was standing in the door way. Sword in hand. " Ryu, get him!" franticly said Gordo. Ryu ignored Sephiroth and went after Zack. Zack parried with his buster sword. Sparks flew as their swords clashed. As the two fought, Sephiroth cut his straps. He got up and punched out Gordo. He used bolt3 to make a huge hole in the cave showing the sky. “Zack let’s go" said Sephiroth. Zack ran, took the scale, and jumped out the hole. “See you in hell" said Sephiroth and he used fire3 in the bunker and jumped outside. The freefell untill the highwind got them in the air. Hojo got on the deck. " Sir" said Zack," I got the leviathan scales!" Hojo said thanks and ran to the ship’s lab. They finally got to Midgar. Sephiroth stayed in the dorms while Zack went to see his girlfriend, Aeris Gainsborough.

The moon was full that night. Sephiroth was looking out the window. The rain dripped down the window. That’s when the shin-ra alarm went off. The intercom rang," All soldier personel, come to reactor no: 8 now!!" Sephiroth ran out. On the way he saw Zack. “What’s the problem" asked Zack. Sephiroth did not say a word. He knew who it was. They got to the reactor. “Everyone, let’s go" said Sephiroth. They ran through. Once off the elevator they were attacked. Hundreds of wutai soldiers were waiting for them. Sephiroth took comand," All grunts and MP’s attack the main force. Zack you come with me to the core." The duo ran off as the dueling forces fought. When they made it to the core there was no one there. Sephiroth thought he would be here. There was a woosh and Zack was bleeding. Zack yelled in pain," It’s Ryu!!" Sephiroth took out the masamune. Ryu jumped in front of him. Sephiroth attacked. The two fought. Each blow was blocked. Each hit was delt. During the fight Sephiroth made a quick blow. Ryu kicked the sword out of his hands. " Sephiroth said," Shoot I was careless". He was on the catwalk. Be fore Ryu could do the finshing blow Sephiroth rolled out and pushed Ryu off into the reactor. He got up and used cure3 on Zack’s wounds. A senior grunt came and told Sephiroth that the forces were done. Sephiroth looked down in the pit," Like I said, no one can ever come near my power".

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Fan Finction.

I like Final Fantasy also.

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what do you think of it??? any good?? i am almost done with chapter 2.

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--------------------------------- Chapter 2:-------------------------------------

The Origin of the Masamune

In the heat of the afternoon, a helicopter flew over a raging battle field, bringing in reinforcements. Down below, thousands of men and women were fighting, some of them in blue uniforms, others, battle hardened warriors. Thousands of weapons being used with great skill. The helicopter slowly lowered itself onto the ground and right as it did several men got out. One, a tall mysterious man, wearing a black cape. He peered between his platinum hairs, observing the enormous battle before him. Several others got out as well; all members of the elite fighting force SOLDIER, Shin-Ra’s pride and joy. Only one of them remained, approaching his dark leader. A young man with long, black hair and an enormous sword sheathed on his back. The two watched side-by-side.

In the distance a great figure rose out of the chaos, towering above all of the fighters. “Titan.” the man in black simply said. The great man dug his enormous fingers into the ground near a barracks and overturned it, frightened men tried to escape only to be crushed by the falling rock. A voice came out of the helicopter, “Take the 5-story padoga, and seize lord Godo.” “We have our orders, let’s go.” Both men thought as they unsheathed their swords and advanced into the chaos.

“Zack, stay close.” The man in black yelled. The two began running towards the city, their target in sight. Two men approached them, dawning two katana’s each. One approached Zack, and began slashing furiously, his blades covered in fire. Zack took one swing with his enormous blade and shattered the katana’s, two small green jewels fell from their handles. Then with one swift stoke he took the soldier down, breaking his neck. He turned to see the other rapidly approaching his comrade,“Sephiroth” he yelled, the man turned immediately, seeing his attacker. He put out his hand; three green waves flowed away from his feet. His attacker, dauntless, continued, after only a second a blossom ofice erupted from his body, stopping him dead in his tracks. A barrage of firing began towards Sephiroth. Once again he rose his hand, More waves followed. The seemingly unstoppable bullets, nearing him were deflected by an invisible barrier, deflecting in every direction. Several flew into surrounding soldiers; one hit the frozen man, shattering the statue of ice.

The two continued on into the heart of the battlefield, slowly approaching their destination. They continued for hours, effortlessly destroying any soldier that dared attack them, and then a great presence was felt behind them. They both turned, only to see a foe that they could not defeat, the legendary Odin. He sat on his six-legged horse, observing the man he had been summoned to kill. He raised his hand, immediately the entire battlefield was gone, they stood in a dark field at night.

They both watched each other, warrior to warrior. After several minutes Odin unmounted his horse. “I will make this a fair fight.” he said, in a deep voice. He reached to his back, bringing out an enormous steel bladed sword, Sephiroth reached for his sword. Slowly he unsheathed a small katana-style sword that was only two feet long. He stuck a battle pose, the wind kicked up, blowing his long platinum hair over his face. “Are you not afraid of me?” Odin said, surprised.

“I fear no man.”

“Do you not know who I am?”

“I fear nothing.”

“Than thou shalt die by the blade of Odin.” Odin dashed at Sephiroth, slashing as hit neared his target. Sephiroth, unafraid of the godly swordsman that was his foe, leaped over the large blade, using his small sword to slash the back of the knight. Three swords fell to the ground. Odin stopped, and turned, unharmed by the attack, and watched his opponent. Sephiroth looked at the three swords on the ground; they looked as though the midday sun shown upon them, they layed there, like torches in the dark. He bent over, picking up the only one that caught his eye. He examined it, the blade of Odin, the mighty masamune. He took several swings with the long mighty sword, getting to know the power it bestowed upon him. Odin stood, watching in great interest.

“No mortal before you could wield that sword.”

“Let’s see how mighty Odin is against his own masamune.” Sephiroth dashed at Odin, on his arrival he began a furious barrage of slashes, Odin, mindlessly blocked all of them.

“Do you really believe that you can defeat me?”

“Well I’m not about to sit back and be slaughtered.”

The two approached each other, face-to-face they stood, looking deeply into the others’ eyes. After a moment, Odin made an attack, he swung at Sephiroth’s leg, then it was countered with a slash to the shoulder. The masamune was unaffected by the thick armor that it hit, it continued, destroying the flesh of the war god. Odin began fighting as hard as he could, realizing that after centuries of fighting, he may have found his equal. They continued on, fighting in the endless field. Several times Odin’s blade neared the flesh of his opponent, only to be stopped by an invisible barrier. After almost an hour of constant fighting, Odin pulled away. He stood, now beginning to fear his opponent. He whistled, his great white six-legged horse galloped up beside him, he mounted it and began to ride off.

Sephiroth, believing that he had repelled the warrior expected to be returned to the battlefield, only to feel the ground shake. A great cliff arose in front of him; He could see his opponent at the top, yielding a great lance. He pulled back and threw the lance. It rocketed into the sky, parting the clouds that darkened the field; the deep blue sky was visible. Now light shown down on the warrior that knew now what to expect. The great lance came plunging down like a streak of light. The warrior took one step back, and slashed. The great lance had almost stuck him, then, it was struck. Its course changed, now streaking towards Odin. The confident warrior was struck by his lance; it pierced his armor and his side. Stunned, he slowly commanded his horse to approach Sephiroth. They sat, like they had at their meeting, but now, one was feared by the other, the mortal by the god. “You truly are a warrior, you will accomplish great things.” the knight said, his voice, now humble. He turned and rode off, into the night.

Sephiroth stood, in disbelief, awaiting his return to the battlefield. The surrounding environment went entirely black, immediately he heard the fighting of the battlefield, and he opened his eyes. Still in the heart of the battlefield, exactly where he had before Odin had come. He sensed a man behind him, and turned, slashing. The man behind him was struck down.

He and Zack continued. Nothing compared to his new found power, even the mightiest of men fell victim to his new weapon. They approached the city wall, their final destination on the other side.“Stand back.” Zack said. He stood straight up, three waves erupted from his feet, a giant blast of ice froze the wall, and then he approached it. In one swift swing he created a large hole in the great wall. They stepped through it, and were now standing at the base of a great building.

They erupted in, tearing down the door and began running up the stair to the top floor. As they reached the top floor they say a man stitting on the floor meditating, without looking up he said, “I have been expecting you.” He stood up, six foot tall, wearing a traditional martial arts robe. “Let me have this one.” Zack said, stepping forward.

They both prepared themselves. Zack unsheathed his great sword, Godo advanced. He began punching and kicking, flames surrounded his hands, and the gauntlets he wore. Zack blocked many with his sword, dodged many, and was hit by many. The martial arts master truly was a master. Godo stepped back, reached into his shirt, and pulled out a medallion. A small jewel sat inside, materia, red materia. He began saying a prayer, and when Zack realized what he was doing he immediately attacked. Godo finished just before the broad side of the buster sword hit his head, knocking him out. Sephiroth turned to the window, looking out he watched all of the soldiers fighting for Wutai disappear as a wave swept way all of the Shin-Ra soldiers into the ocean.

Zack removed a radio from his equipment bag. “Godo is in our custody.” he said into it. A voice replied from it, “Roger. En route.”

The helicopter arrived, outside the base of the padoga. Zack handed their hostage to a man on the helicopter, and then they both got on. As they flew off, they examined the battlefield, not one corpse was on it, and all had been washed away by the wave of water. Their water god had truly saved them. All that remained were the victorious troops of Wutai. “Today, we suffered defeat.” Zack said, still looking at the battlefield. “In every defeat, there is a victory.” Sephiroth replied, looking at his new weapon.

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