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Secret Psychology

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The "special people" who rule this world had set up a secret psychology how to manipulate with mankind and normal people.

This psychology (in my native tongue called "Pekelna psychologie") includes how to make people globally believe in a lie, how to limit normal people's mind by means of music and movies, how to create an impression that they have good intentions, how to change the victim's close relatives into the weapon against him or her, how to use one normal guy as a weapon against other normal guys, how to use a guy as a weapon against him himself, and so on.

This so-far-secret psychology is a part of collection "Pekelni lide" sad to say written in Czech language. But if you consider whether or not to download it, there are two facts that will help you to decide: 1. It is an unique thing that can come in handy one day. 2. There are some short texts in English, too.


A question: For example, would you believe that Dr. Moody and some of his patients could have had a secret agreement what to say about their Near Death Experience in order to make normal uneducated people believe in it? What do you think, can such a tactics be a part of a secret psychology? Once someone has said that normal people must not know what is on the other side...

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