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The Dark Search Engine... Shodan

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How much do you love your privacy. How do you know that the very privacy that you have right now could be breached! The very equipment that you use could be listed out there on the darker side of the internet for everyone to see or use. Behold Shodan.....


THE 'scariest search engine' is peering in the darkest corners of the internet and finding servers, webcams, traffic lights and even power plants open to anyone with a computer.

Shodan, dubbed the 'search engine for hackers', collects information on 500 million devices every month, CNN reports.

Traffic lights, security cameras and home automation systems are all hooked up to the internet and easy for the 'dark Google' to find. One cybersecurity expert even used it to find a hockey rink that could be defrosted, traffic lights for an entire city, and the controls for a hydroelectric plant in France.

Simple searches on Shodan uncover system controls for a water park, a gas station, hotel wine cooler and crematorium, CNN reports. And some researchers have even found control systems for nuclear power plants and even a particle-accelerating cyclotron, as well as garage doors and lighting systems.

In a shocking security lapse, few of these devices even have passwords - because many were never supposed to be put online in the first place.

“You can log into just about half of the internet with a default password,” Rapid 7 chief security officer told CNN. “It’s a massive security failure.”

stay safe guys...

Source: http://www.news.com....0-1226616893647

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Sir Wearer of Hats

I love how instead of Skynet, the people who named it chose the second most insanely dangerous computer in all of fiction (third if you count Iam) to name their search engine after.

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Wait... can you control some devices that aren't connected to the internet? :huh:

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I never heard of this place before, sounds like it could get someone hurt. Like turning everyone's light green.

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