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Mr. Sister Elle Sade Ai Ni

Miley Bynes Lohan (poem)

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Mr. Sister Elle Sade Ai Ni

Never got to be yourself

They designed our lives

Destined you to be a wife

But you wanted much more

Your own role

To dance with knives

For others to love more

Than an image

You found a way

Without a fight

With your first change

To do as you desired

And just as soon

As they loved you for that

You changed again

With scissors my friend

Honesty was your virture

They used us all

Destined you to be forgotten

Go on find a normal life

We've all done the same

Pulling you aside for that

Making you wonder

Why the stars blink

Beneath our atmosphere

Without letting you be

With pointed fingers

For only doing

What everyone else

On this side does

Now you'll expose the wall

Between sky and land

Even if you had it all

They would take it back

Destined you to boredom

On some farm

We could simply fish

But in these hills

With fading stars

Chemicals and fast cars

Flashing lights in eyes

Without sunglasses

With all you earned

They will claim

Lessons need to be learned

Instead of understanding

That starts go bright

Before they burn

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:) thanks for sharing britney.. keep writing :)

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