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RIP Pat Summerall

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DALLAS (AP) - Pat Summerall, the deep-voiced NFL player-turned-broadcaster who spent half of his four decades calling sports famously paired with John Madden, died Tuesday. He was 82.

Susie Wiles, Summerall's daughter, said her father died in Dallas.

"He was an extraordinary man and a wonderful father," Wiles said. "I know he will be greatly missed."


One of the last of the great sportscasters.

“You know in TV some of these guys have all the numbers and stats and notes?” Madden said. “Pat would come to a broadcast with nothing. It was all in his head. He didn’t have anything. Could you see another play-by-play guy today doing that? ~ John Madden

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I always thought Summerall was too bland. To me, he made a boring football game more boring. And he made an exciting game less exciting.

The end of the world could've occurred, and Pat still wouldn't have gotten excited. That's just the way he was on-air.

However, I have nothing against the guy personally. My sympathies to those who were close too him.

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