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My dreams are scarier than any movie

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i was once told not to leave slippers

by the side of the bed

or i would have bad dreams

i was not dreaming for so long

and wanted to remember

—better bad dreams than none at all?

i left my slippers by the side

closed my eyes and forgot to pray

and they began

my own sister was against me

the Devil appeared in a stagecoach

—would he run me off the road?

she was out to get me

he scared me so bad i woke up

but you never offered opposition

when i woke you held me

better than any end credits

if you ask me

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I never heard about the slippers. When I was young I would leap off my bed instead of putting my feet on the floor near it because I imagined hands would be under there and would want to grab me by the ankles. So somehow this slipper myth rings for me. I know my daughter never gets bad dreams if she prays. It has been a cure all for her for sure. I like this poem because I used to have nightmares so I can relate, and of course I like the love sentiment ending. :)

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I am unsure about the reasoning behind the slippers on the side of a bed bringing nightmares. Only thing I could think of before was that it has all the dust you stepped on before and are now dragging it to be with you.

You made it so much creepier though and I had forgotten that I never was scared of monsters in the closet but I used to be of demons under the bed, especially a hand appearing from the side of it or the sofa, too. I had forgotten but the way it would creep is easily recalled now.

Feels nice that you caught the bit about prayer. I still think that holds power. Glad to see that tradition will be carried on.

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