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Luis Suarez: 'Anger Management' After Bite

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The Liverpool striker will be offered anger management counselling as Chelsea's Ivanovich decides not to make a complaint.

Liverpool's Luis Suarez has been offered counselling after he apologised for biting Chelsea's Branislav Ivanovich during a Premier League clash.

The Professional Footballers' Association (PFA) said on Monday the Uruguayan will be approached over anger management counselling following the incident during the 2-2 draw at Anfield on Sunday.

The striker, 26, revealed on his personal Twitter account that the club has fined him for the altercation.

He wrote: "For my unacceptable behaviour yesterday the club has fined me today, I have asked the club to donate money to the Hillsborough Family Support Group for the inconvenience I have created to the Liverpool fans and to Ivanovich."

The striker also used Twitter to apologise around three hours after the final whistle blew on the game.

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I don't follow cricket...is this supposed to be important or something?

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ali smack

He certainly got his teeth into Chelsea!

He really got stuck into the football last night!

You could say he has a real hunger for the game!

It certainly made for some biting remarks!

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biting is ABH if the skin is broken GBH he should be prosecuted .if any other person in ther work place did this they would never work in that area again.

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What a girl!

And he is endowed with a particularly nasty set.


Looks like Hartley Hare


Edited by Arbenol68

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