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Banks in Catalonia will face taxes ...

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All of these homes have been reposessed,.. the Banks themselves were given handoutsto the tune of 100 Billion Euros to cover defaulted mortgages.

these homes now have no debt on them, so the banks have got a lot of Real Estate for no money! They are refusing to let them for rentals, because they want to hang on until the property market picks up so they can make a double killing on them. This is wrong, disingenuous, and typical where Banking Corporations ONLY want to make more money for nothing.

1.4 Million empty New Homes in Spain (now owned by the Banks), empty 2nd hand homes? No-one knows but I have heard figures of 3 - 4 million homes (also now owned by the Banks with Taxpayers money)

Read more: http://elpais.com/el...972_834820.html

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I can see it being the next haven for the British pensioners, they will buy a Spanish home for retirement. would not be surprised if we start seeing them advertised here very shortly.

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If they were bought with taxpayer money then it would seem to me that the taxpayers own them and should move in right away.

If you ask me banks are why the economy everywhere is like it is. Make them pay taxes on them.

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