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Mr. Sister Elle Sade Ai Ni

Negotiations recommended for Serbia ---> EU

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"The Commission considers that Serbia has met the key priority of taking steps towards a visible and sustainable improvement of relations with Kosovo," the Commission wrote in a joint report on the Serbia-Kosovo talks. "The European Commission therefore recommends that negotiations for accession to the Union should be opened with Serbia."

EU Commission recommends start of Serbia membership talks

This could take a decade but this is good news for instilling further stability in the region and for Serbs living in other countries to have a greater reason for reconcilliation with neighbors.

I never thought I would see this and even if negotiations are only a recommendation it is a big step.

Serbian hardliners who refuse to remove themselves from ultra-nationalism might not like this but the modern world must move forward. (Correction: postmodern world as borders and old divisions will disolve). Russia might see it as an abandonment but idealism and romanticism for the past is tenuous at best. It might be a terrible time for the EU in general with the current economic woes but it won't be that way forever and Serbia will further change for the better (it already has started) as it becomes fit and suited to join as a full member of the European Union.

As Dr. Ker-Lindsay points out, it is not even certain that negotiations will start any time soon.

“There is a real possibility that Germany or other countries will say that this is still not good enough, which would have a very harmful effect, and lead to a sense of betrayal in Serbia,” he says.

Serbia-Kosovo deal clears path to EU accession, but long road remains

Concern over German opposition but their foreign minister did vote for Serbian candidacy on 28 February 2012. Let us hope that spirit continues.

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