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Just one big happy family

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  • When these five baby animals were all abandoned by their mothers their chances of survival were slim
  • But now the three lions, a tiger, and a spotted hyena are having a happier time at the Akwaaba Lodge in South Africa
  • Will transform into predators in two year's time - so they will be split up and live in separate enclosures
  • The animals share the same living enclosures and even share meal times together

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Absolutely wonderful, hope it stays that way, something tells me though their instincts may take over when they get older.

There has been a few stories of animals turning on their owners after years of living with them.

She said: 'The animals were born in the lodge but I had to adopt them after they were rejected by their mothers - for being the runts of the family.

Something is bugging me about this bit? i would understand if they were born in the wild and then adopted, but from what I understand the mother and rest of the family are still at the lodge, will the cubs be reintroduced to them later?....or is this an experiment? Not sure how to take this.

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Moon Gazer

Super cute!!

Free to roam, maybe they will try and re-introduce them to the rest of the animals when they are older. I hope so anyway. I am only going on things I have seen on TV, but if they are introduced carefully to each other, it can work out.

Like you say though, something does bug me about it. What are the coincidences that exactly 5 months ago, 5 mums would give birth and abandon their cubs?

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It's nice and all!

But reflects human nature too.

5 kids of whatever background, play together as siblings. Then when older, learn about society and develop prejudice.

We're all the same.

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Lions and tigers and bears...! they are some big kitties! A hyena thrown in for good measure, that's pretty awesome.

It makes for a fascinating experiment and it would be really interesting to see how they progress as a group over the years.

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