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South Korea to withdraw from Kaesong factory

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There's a factory North of the DMZ that was operated cooperatively between North & South Korea.

One of KJU's sabre-rattling moves was to shut the facility down.

26 April 2013 Last updated at 06:42 ET

South Korea 'to withdraw staff' from Kaesong zone in North

_67253534_b2b54844-1cce-49e1-94e7-865e39610173.jpg North Korea blocked South Korean workers from the complex earlier this monthContinue reading the main story

Korea crisis

South Korea says it is withdrawing its remaining workers from a jointly-run industrial complex in North Korea.

The announcement came from the unification minister shortly after Pyongyang rejected an offer of talks.

North Korea blocked access to the Kaesong zone - once a symbol of inter-Korean co-operation - earlier this month and later pulled its workers out.

The move followed weeks of high tension in the wake of North Korea's third nuclear test in February.

"Because our nationals remaining in the Kaesong industrial zone are experiencing greater difficulties due to the North's unjust actions, the government has come to the unavoidable decision to bring back all remaining personnel in order to protect their safety," Unification Minister Ryoo Kihl-jae said.

"North Korea must guarantee the safe return of our personnel and fully protect the assets of the companies with investment in Kaesong," he added.

North Korea needs the revenue that plant provides more than South Korea does.

Should South Korea build a replacement plant South of the DMZ, and far enough South of that to be beyond reach of NK artillery range?

Or since NK is so self-insufficient, would that only mean more aid to NK later on?

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If the south needs what is produced by that factory I think they should rebuild it in their territory then the north couldn't do this to them.

I hope the north doesn't do anything to the people the south is trying to bring back.

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"I hope the north doesn't do anything to the people the south is trying to bring back." H

Me too.

NK's on thin ice.

Not only dd they sink that SK navy ship, killing many aboard.

They also shelled the SK fishing village.

If NK were to take hostages, it might be a mistake NK would soon regret.

China's the linchpin here.

China may not yet quite be ready to switch sides. But I gather that's inevitable. The West is more important to the prosperity of China's future than NK is.

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