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Plane crash may be related to forced landing

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Plane crash may be related to forced landing of other aircraft (Apr 30 2013). Just in.

A plane crash in the Santa Monica Mountains on Monday afternoon may be connected to an incident in which a small plane made a forced landing in Westlake Village about the same time, authorities said.

The crash of the plane in rugged terrain near Mulholland Highway and Las Virgenes Road occurred shortly after 2 p.m., about the time that a fixed-wing Cessna 172 RG landed on its belly at the Westlake Golf Course, according to officials.

"It appears that the two incidents may be connected," Los Angeles County sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore told The Times.

He added that a final determination will be made by the National Transportation Safety Board, which Whitmore said had dispatched a team that was expected to arrive Tuesday morning.

Officials said there were no immediate reports on victims in the crash.

The incident sparked a small fire in the parched mountainside brush, officials said. The brush fire was reported at 2:05 p.m., and that the downed aircraft at Westlake Village was reported five minutes later, according to Whitmore.

Golfer Aaron Jesse said he and his friends were told by a deputy to leave the course. The deputy said authorities were responding to another crash near Mulholland where there were fatalities, according to Jesse.

P.S. I've also spotted a 'rudder problem' with two similar crashes, American Airlines Flight 587

However, terrorism was officially ruled out as the cause by the National Transportation Safety Board, which instead attributed the disaster to the first officer's overuse of rudder controls in response to wake turbulence from a Japan Airlines Boeing 747-400 that took off five minutes before it......The plane's vertical stabilizer and rudder separated in flight and fell into Jamaica Bay, about 1 mile north of the main wreckage site

and American Airlines Flight 1

In early July, the CAB announced their investigators believed that a cotter pin and a bolt missing from the rudder mechanism might have caused the crash of Flight 1. Though considered to be a "mechanic's oversight," the CAB nevertheless wired all 707 operators to inform them of the potential danger of the assembly.[6] ..........Flight 1 crashed into Pumpkin Patch Channel, Jamaica Bay, at 10:08:49, while angled at 78 degrees and on a magnetic heading of 300 degrees

Is there a mystery force of attraction eminating from Jamaica Bay?? There's more crashes in the region,

Flight 320:

On February 3rd, 1959, in what was apparently a botched attempt to approach the landing strip at LaGuardia Airport, the newly unveiled "Electra" aircraft crashed into the East River killing 65 of the 73 people aboard.

Eastern Airlines Flight 663:

84 people died on February 8th, 1965 when a pilot lost his spatial orientation after a mid-air "near miss" en route from Boston and crashed into the waters off Jones Beach.

Eastern Airlines Flight 66:

Wind shear at JFK Airport causes a flight inbound from New Orleans to crash into Jamaica, Queens on June 24th, 1975.

124 people died, there were 12 survivors.

The Park Slope Plane Crash:

On December 16th, 1960, a TWA aircraft en route to LaGuardia and United Airlines aircraft en route to Idlewilde (now JFK) Airport collided over the Park Slope area of Brooklyn.

The wreckages of both planes crashed into the brownstone-laden neighborhood, killing all 128 people on both airplanes and 6 people on the ground.



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After further reading of mystery plane crashes I've come to the conclusion that the spurious mystery force emanating from the ground causes the freezing point of water and water vapour to decrease creating ice crystals which is unprepared for in the hydraulic systems of the aircraft.

[P.S. This has implications for the 'Jupiter Ice Age Hypothesis']

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There's more cases of mystery accidents occuring on the same route and just weeks apart. It was mentioned on the Channel 4 prgramme 'Terror in The Skies' involving the Dreamliner Li battery problem and also I noticed two possibly related incidents from Northern Ireland to the UK mainland.

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