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Dentist nurse poisoning trial

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Has anyone else seen this? A dentist nurse accused of trying to poison her boss with mercury following two disciplinary meetings:


Seems a very strange one to me and I can't work out whether she is guilty or been set up. What do you think?

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Not enough details to decide if she was set up, but she should have been sacked just for this:

The letter also suggested that Ms Kaur had left a patient in a dentist chair while she went to have lunch and warned that any future misconduct could result in her dismissal. If true.

It seems the working environment was not the happiest, but unless Knowles administered the poison herself, someone else did it, the motive must be established here and it seems Kaur had one.

As for the epileptic fit, surely there must be some evidence of her suffering from this as this is what Kuar`s lawyer is implying, it does not say.,,,but Knowles lawyers would be able to surely prove this as a yes or a no.

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Arguing with the surgery staff during surgery even though the complaint was withdrawn, wonder about that, plus what freetoroam posted she should of been fired a long time ago. The manager that got sick should of went to the doctor while she was having symptoms.

It's really hard to form a judgement on this report.

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