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We are all Soul Mates!

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Many times I will hear someone say, “they are my soul mate” or “I am looking for my soul mate”. I will give you a hint, we are all soul mates.

We have different levels of attachment and various degrees of vibratory energy, but we are all connected.

We travel in soul circles and still have different connections to other soul circles.

Ever feel a strong connection to someone and not understand why? Yet have a weak connection to someone you think should be strong? There is a reason why. They may be part of your soul circle, but have a very different vibratory frequency.

Family connections are often different, for instance, my connection with my mother is vastly different from the one I have with my father. My mother and I have been together in many life times and share a frequency level much higher than others in my family.

The environment we are experiencing at any given time is able to effect how we perceive our relationships, independent of the actual attachment we may have spiritually to another soul. In other words we can be distracted or disillusioned by outside interference, yet the connection is still there.

Often times when relationships fail to live up to our expectations we end up telling ourselves, “they weren’t my soul mate” when in fact they were just not the vibratory frequency needed to feel fulfilled. All relationships have value, even those that we look upon as failures or situations that became abusive in nature.

Some relationships are forced upon us by others infliction unwanted, but there has to be a lesson gained in order to have proper perspective.

I struggled with this in my own life and spent many years trying to understand why certain things have to happen to anyone, specifically why I had to go through certain situations that were very difficult.

Adversity makes the soul grow and is necessary, but why? Why do we have this need to understand? Because we want to believe there is more to our existence than what we experience daily. There is more, we just have to be open to experience these situations with a perception that allows for adversity to have a positive impact.

I was abused as a young teen by someone that was supposed to represent everything good, this experience was not one I was looking to have, but I was forced to find a way to understand why it happened.

The fact it happened and how laid the foundation for many years of turmoil, but I grew from the experience and adversity. It caused much consternation within my own soul circle and created voids where I wanted connections.

The voids where my perception, we were still connected. I disconnected for a reason. It took me many years to understand this, but the connection was never that strong to begin with in some cases, so trying to repair them was unnecessary, rather I had to accept the spiritual connection was weak.

There definitely are “soul mates” we connect with on different levels, but spiritually we have many that we are capable of having a “spiritual relationship” with, the notion that there is only one “soul mate” to me is very false.

If you confine yourself to experiencing only certain environments you will miss the possibility of making the connections. I have had many different relationships over the years and I can truly say I learned something from each one. Some were stronger than others, but the experience gained from each were necessary for my spiritual growth.

Soul mates come in different shapes, sizes, colors and vibratory frequencies, but they are out there for you to experience if you are open to the connection.



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You sound like you have figured it out.

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I have a feline soul mate. She's the one in my picture.

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Mr. Sister Elle Sade Ai Ni

We can always learn valuable lessons from others in the most unexpected of ways.

Even with those we debate online with, those we might look down on, those we might look up to, and those we see as equals, all can provide us a lesson.

Those who are cruel to us might be masking their own hurts that our presence or actions cause them even if we are just being ourselves.

We can easily look down on those who harm us.

I don't know all the answers but we are all connected. Maybe we don't need answers but we do need connection.

So many are disconnected and that does take a toll on our health (as proven by science; loneliness) as much as smoking.

We are more than soulmates.

The greatest illusion is that I am here and you are there.

We are the same.

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Many times I will hear someone say, “they are my soul mate” or “I am looking for my soul mate”. I will give you a hint, we are all soul mates.

How sweet! The world would be a lot better off if people focused more on our similarities than our differences. :tu:

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Odd Requiem

I hate doing laundry. My soul mate will love doing laundry.

We will not be the same in all aspects.

Our differences will bind us.

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