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Shaving a Matted Cat

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We have 5 cats and one of them is a terror. My kids (ages 21 and 22) were trying to put her flea medication on and I googled "how to sedate a cat" after our attempts ended in bloodshed and a flea medication free cat.

This is a suggestion I found on a forum which I have provided a link to. I'm not sure if this person was joking, but I don't recommend it, but it is hilarious.

Wear a pair of ankle tube socks all day long, preferably inside some sneakers. Get them nice and stinky with your smell. At night, take them off and put them where this cats sleeps. Make sure she is actually sleeping on them so that her smell gets in them and so that she'll also get used to your smell. The next day, take one of the socks and pull it over her head. If she starts freaking out while you're trying to do this, hold her by the skin on the back of the neck while pulling on the sock. Make sure it completely covers her head and that she can't easily pull it off, but don't let it constrict around her neck. You may need to fold it over a bit to avoid this. At this point she'll do either one of two things: either lie perfectly still because now she can't see anything and doesn't know what to do; or she desperately stumbles about trying to get this awful thing off of her head right away.

If her reaction is the first one, go ahead and use some trimmers to get that matted hair off. You may only have a few minutes before she gets squirmy. If she does start squirming, you may be able to get her still again by holding her by the skin on the back of her neck. If not, pull off the sock, let her pretend to regain her dignity, then do this again in another hour, getting a little more matted hair each time.

If her reaction is the second one, you'll have to be a little more patient. Put her some place where she can't hurt herself stumbling about with the sock on. Eventually she'll get tired and lay down. Let here rest for a good bit, then pull the sock off, giving her plenty of head rubs afterward. Several hours later, do this all again. Eventually this will get old for her and she'll just lay there after you put the sock on. It may take several days to get to this point, so you will have to be patient doing this. You may now attempt to trim her.

If she starts freaking out from the noise of the trimmers, you have to take an extra step. Keep her in an enclosed area while she has the sock on, turn on the trimmers, and lay them down near her. Let her stumble about until she wears herself out and lies down. If she ends up too far from the turned on trimmers, move them closer to her until she starts getting tensed up, then lay them down again. and let them run for a while. Then turn them off, pull off the sock, give her head rubs. Like before, repeat this until she no longer reacts to the noise of the trimmers and you're able to lay them down right next to her. At this point you should be able to trim her matted hair without her going crazy.


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