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Miss Shadows

A Start

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Have you ever heard or read that line from a letter Hemingway wrote to Scott Fitzgerald? 'I write 91 pages of s*** for every 1 page of genius'? This is a very brief, possibly to be expanded upon prelude to something I'd sort of like to narrate. If I could get any brutal, constructive feedback that'd be great. Thanks.

When I was 16 I descended the Mexican border, to escape if even for a day, the grievous effects of a dysfunctional family, a violent relationship, and my own instabilities. I surrendered my troubles for a string of semi-urban and rural communities; which was more prevalent I could not tell you. The interminable dirt roads in between them held semblance to a peaking and falling line on a heart monitor. Where Midora was peaceful and idyllic and old, DeFuego was the loud, and sometimes violent fist of a youthful generation outraged by poverty and rampant drug-lords, and the filthy politics that made it happen. In the tapestry of modern Mexico threads of innovation,tradition, law, justice, crime and culture, all came together to weave the very ground beneath one's feet.

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