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Sheep Smart

The Giza Limelight Theory

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Posted (edited)

If people can post threads using pictures of supposed peeping tom extraterrestrials with nothing more attached than a link to the rediculous story, I don't see why I cannot post a proposed theory of mine in which every aspect in its characteristics are instantiated with an explanation as follows;

Since there is some very verifiable scientific evidence (from that of a german scientist which has been scrutinized by mainstream egyptologists due to its fear of tarnishing its sophisticated reputation) that the Egypian mummies (those of higher state literally and figuritively) partied hard...

Where do you think the coke fueled hash bashes were held, I say giza with no doubt. Because the prior civilation (non egyptians) who in prehistoric times built the giza entirety different than the other pyramids which is obvious, I think they may have used those 2 unexplained shafts for endless supplies of drugs. One shaft was administered weed and the others Columbia finest. From the ground shaft profused mass amouts of beer (imagine an underground mighty keg). The slaves would just keep it going allll night , in fact days! Perhaps weeks. Now,..

Take a look closely at the Interior inside the giza,..


They'd party themselves into a coma and then ultimately drop dead.

Whoever fell in the sarcophagus first was to be granted the title of being a king and their superior state of graduated elevation was intended to go even higher in death. Their names were probably confused since everyone was so drugged and left false records due to error on behalf of intoxication.

There may have been a large disco ball hung in the center and it may have been called " the eye in the sky".

What we presume as hieroglyphs were likey the result of hallucinations due to intense psychadelic acid trips in addition to other substances .

While some may not adhere to this theory, I point out that it is not much more valid than every other theory including the lame so caled ACCEPTED not proven (as we are all aware there is minimal evidence in academic proposed theories of egyptian history and in particular the great pyramid of giza) and so I thereby make my theory relevant.


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Harsh gets vip room. Which could be deadly.

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Posted (edited)

I once had my own alternative "theory" :

About that shaft you mentioned, Qoais...

I have this theory... the ancient Egyptians were in contact with the ancient Chinese.

Once, Hemanwhatsup (Egyptian) met Huat Hu (China man) in a port on the Red Sea. They were exchanging tales and trade, and after a beer or two things got a bit out of hand. Huat Hu then lit a firecracker and scared the living daylights out of Hemanwhatsup, just to see Hemanwahtsup's stinking black wig fly off from his head and see his bare skull.

Of course Hemanwhatsup asked - after his heartbeat had settled down to a healthy level - what this demonic demonstration was supposed to be.

Well, Huat Hu then told him it was just a mix of chemicals, and that they had a lot of fun with it in his home country. He also told him that they had rockets filled with the same stuff. "Rockets?", asked Hemanwhatsup. "Yeah, here, I will show you" said Huat Hu.

And so he did...

After Hemanwhatsup regained consciousness, he asked Huat Hu for the formula of the mix, for he had an idea... He knew his pharao wanted to return to his beloved family in the sky after he died. He asked Huat Hu a bit more about these 'rockets', said goodbye, and left for home.

So Hemanwhatsup asked for a talk with the pharao. After just a 100 whiplashes - for his insubordinance of wanting to even talk to a megalomaniac like the Pharao - he got permission.

Then he told the pharao of his plan: build a shaft in that dungeon you are building, let the priests stick this thing in your mummified a**, and shoot you back home.

After his demonstration - and after his feet getting fried to sinders for scaring the godlike Pharao to a point he thought he was going to see his ancestors way too early - the priests surounding the unconscious body of their Pharao thought, "hmmmmmmm, we think he's got something here".

So they build that shaft into the Great Pyramid while it was still being constructed.

OK, after some years the Pharao finally died, got mummified, and they put him head up into that shaft, with a rocket inserted into his rear end.

They lit the thing, and hoped the best of it.

But alas, their beloved Pharao did not end up at Sirius or his ancestors orbiting around there as moons to a planet, his mummy got blasted to smithereens, and that was end of story.

They caught Hemanwhatsup, killed him, ate his liver, and burned the rest of his body to ashes.

The shaft was then closed by several giant stones so no one would get any funny ideas about what could have happened to their Pharao.

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