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John Liu

My reading from Mackelvie 20130518

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John Liu

I just come back from the Mackelvie West Spiritualist Church’s reading session. It was a wonderful experience, I would highly recommend anyone for it. I have got two readings, one from mediums on the platform and the other one from a one-on-one session.

One medium on the platform told me: “you are a very old soul, you have been reincarnating many, many times. Your spirit is very strong, and you have a very powerful spirit guide over next to you. You have a very beautiful aura with many different colours emanating. You have incredible healing abilities, and you need to use it to heal others. You have been meditating and learning to levitate (while lying on bed), that you should be coming to the development circles to further advance your abilities; and the church also needs people like you. You like a lighthouse that has been guiding other people to the right spiritual path.”

The other medium on the platform told me: “you have some psychic abilities. When you were young sometimes you just instant knew who was gonna to be there? What was going to happen…? You tend to step back a lot. You should be stepping up more often.”

The one-on-one reading I had got from an European medium are: “4 years later from now you will be moving to Australia to work at a well-established primary school, at that time you could also be working at a private tertiary institute, and have your own business as a sideline; you could possibly teach at a very high level, like the level of university; you could also become a principle, and be very successful in life. You have been studying a lot, you have a very good brain, and can memorise things well. You don’t have a girlfriend, you shouldn’t be getting a girlfriend while studying, but you will meet a girl in Australia whom is very special to you; she is not Asian but Australian. You will also take your mum to Australia after you have settled. Your mum wanted to go to Australia. You haven’t done much travelling, but you will be travelling quite frequently to South East Asia, like Singapore… or even America, because the spirits show me a map of the USA. You are a very disciplined person, it is because your dad is very strict and disciplined, and he always pushes you to become a person like that.”

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Okay...and the point of this is?

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