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Need Advice

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So I'm trying to write a story. I've outlined extensively, done character descriptions, setting descriptions and history, and plot outlines. I've tweaked the story to my heart's content. Now I'm just trying to get the thing started and that's where I'm having trouble. I understand that the first paragraph or two are the most critical. It introduces the main characters, the setting, and basically draws the reader in. My problem is writing it in such a way. What happens most of the time is my stories have weak beginnings while everything else is moderate. Right now I just can't seem to figure out how to write it. Is there any advice I should know? Thanks.

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I have the perfect advice. It's how I usually write my stories and it works great.

Write it the way you usually write it. Don't worry about starting out slow or anything like that.

Then, when you edit it, chop off the first few paragraphs or the entire first chapter. Find where the character has something at stake, and chop everything out in front of it.

Easy. :)

Best of luck with your story!

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