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Mr. Sister Elle Sade Ai Ni

You decide your whole life at five (poem)

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The wild rose does not care

about the fence

and grows on both sides

Whose life is in the hands

of teenagers

when death is what they decide

The wild rose grows

those aborted do not know

and are here with us still

They do not care for being born

they exist and will always be here

The characters we create

are no longer ours

once we allow others

to take their roles

The world is not

full of dolls

under our control

The world is not

and is

at the same time

Normal and magic

life and death

us and them

Letting go and holding on

there is no difference

they are all the same

Some flowers come up

others stay down

after the rains

That has nothing to do

with who dies

and who was born

inspired by The Life Before Her Eyes

directed by Vadim Perelman

and Sex, Magic, and Astrology

by George Davis

and Those who have gone

but will always be here with us

even if you never were

and will always be

(the strongest ideas are gathered together like a boquet)

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