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''too attractive to work''


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She has a PhD and education is attractive. My recommendations is counseling/therapy to get over some issues and put her education to use.

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Not sure why people say she is Ugly, I cannot see her as anorexic, unless big is your thing, she is not ugly, in fact, she looks quite a bit like The Nanny, Fran Drescher, The-Nanny-HQ-the-nanny-7669730-1400-2025.jpg

It's a real burden to bear, I managed to live with it, but I can see why she gave up.

Seriously, it's math. Math solves bloody everything, and Flombie already did it. Double the money for no work. That be the equation that explains this situation. If you are mad at anyone, it should be her parents for allowing this standard to ever be set. I would not get mad at her if I saw her in the street, I'd hit on her, if for nothing else, to see if she really does have a problem with it.

Why are women so upset at men hitting on them, does this come as some sort of surprise?

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She has a PhD and education is attractive.


a PhD, with no common sense isn't proof of being educated. all it means is that she's capable of learning by rote, or maybe she eyelash-batted her way through Uni. knowledge without application ISN'T knowledge, it's an oxymoron, as knowledge must be applied for it to BE knowledge.

but i'm with you on the therapy though LBA, although, with the amount of issues she has, i'm not sure that even her parents could afford it!

but I doubt she'd have any aversion to asking them to pay.

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