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British big cat sightings

HMS Dreadnought

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I totally agree, however I had an experience that just couldn't be explained some time back. I posted it on this forum, it was followed up by a mass sighting. It was the reason I joined the forum.

I know what happened to my partner, I and my dogs that night. We were stalked, it was not another dog. It was black, the size of a large dog. My two large Boxer dogs would run and see any other dog or group of dogs day or night. They were terrified, stuck close by us and were physically shaking.

I was brought up with all kinds of dogs and worked in my parents kennels from the age of about 7. This thing that stalked us was not another dog.

A few days later the farmer and some farm hands had a daylight sighting of a large black cat stalking their sheep. They got to within 30 feet of it in their Land Rover initially they thought it was a dog until they closed in. The farmer refused to report it and asked us not to tell anyone. He was concerned that the press and big cat investigators start trampling threw the fields on lookout which is potentially far more damaging to the livestock than a cat.

I accept people will think it was a dog, fox etc. If people think I am mistaken or lieing that is fine with me. But I know what I saw and witnessd.

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We have the same thing in Australia. The Victorian government even did an assessment on the subject. Their conclusion was that they're most likely large feral cats.

But a few things did stand out like certain predatory attacks on animals that couldn't be explained and the fact that all the footage of the supposed 'big cats' were fully black, it's unlikely feral cats would be one solid colour.

But yes they're most likely just large feral cats.

Here's the link if anyone is interested.


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