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Soldier beheaded in London


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You know the answer... ta ta

Nope, and you don't seem to either. Why bother wasting our time?

Asking questions is perfectly fine when it is dead Americans isn't it?

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But that's what being a President or Prime Minister is about. That's where the Buck stops, as Harry S. Truman's little sign famously said.

They are the Presidents in power when War was initiated, and from Interviews I have seen, if one listens to what Bush has to say, it not something Bush says he wanted despite the many CT's. I understand what you are saying, and this is indeed the public perception but we both know very well this is a cabinet decision, not one many sitting in an office deliberating with himself. The buck does stop there because the man in power makes the announcement, we do not ever hear a list of names but they are there for anyone who wants to look.

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Except for being the only one advocating it, no you don't. Everyone you're talking to right now sees the hypocrisy in your posts. A reasonable mind might have the thought that gee, maybe you're wrong?

You have your rose coloured glasses on and I do not think the Colonel completely understand where I am coming from. TE is telling me Aussies in Bali deserved the suffering they had to endure from what I can tell. Keep up would you?

This violence will continue unless people like you who care so much about continuing it reach over and grasp your own wallets and pay for it with your own money. Then I'll see how much you really care. But don't tread on me and tell me what policies my government needs to continue while your government spends your money on other priorities. You don't care enough to open up your bank account and contribute to this bloody racket you insist on more of. It's easy to care when I'm the one paying for it, I'm sure. Well it's just Americans coming home to broken homes, with PTSD, lost limbs and body bags. It's just my money and not yours. What's not to like?

Like the Sea Shepherd, Good God you are such a hypocrite. My sister served there, I care alright.

Our tax pays for our Soldiers Yam, remember how you were telling me that we were over there? Thats my money Yam. Have you met anyone who served there? I have, quite a few in fact. What's this got to do with the Woolwich killers and their threats about Islam, and the threat of terrorism in general inspired by this religion of peace?

Not even the hypocrisy in your own solution can change your mind. You're truly lost, psyche101.

I do not think you have any idea what you are on about, but you are very rude about it anyway. If what you call Not lost is your position, I am good where I am thanks.

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In other news a Mosque got burnt down in an attack apparently done by the EDL

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