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A Story With You

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Okay, "tell the story" my idea of a great story. I start it off and you write a few lines *as many as you want* with your thoughts to add. Then, have more reply ex cetra. You can reply as often as you wish. Then, on Monday I will post the whole story and you can laugh.

I am sitting on a hill in the middle of the Arizonain evening with the sun setting behind me. Suddenly, a time wrinkle shows up! It flys up and visits me. It wants to take me on a world wide journey around ancient history and all that good stuff!! It wants to take you too.

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It reminds me too much of a book I had previously read. So, fully knowing what will happen I enter the time wrinkle. I see lions and tigers and bears and I see.... I see past my hallicunation. Theres desert as far as the eye can see. I begin to travel this desolate land to find nothing. There are no people, no camels, and there is no light. As I walk aimlessly around, I beging to realize an incline. I take it like nobodys business. It gets steeper and steeper and steeper and then its level. I begin to walk straight infront of me and BAM! I trip and I fall down the burning sand. When I awoke the scenery looked strangely familar. Continuing to look around I realize what had happened the night before, and as I look to the top of the hill I see a sack. Run, run, run, run, jog, walk.. walk......walk........... crawl............. flop. The second I awoke I began to investigate what I had tripped over. It's is my bag! What!...

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I see a monkey. He ate too much sand... and died.

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