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I'm reaching out for a reading

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'Life is full of ups & downs'

A statement that is ingrained into us when we are able to understand it best.

I'm lost... Truly deeply lost... I have been for a very longtime. I guess a lot has been down to circumstance but then partly down to choices I've made along the way.

I'm tired of feeling like this, existing & not 'living'

I joke that this is not my life & it's be stolen from me. But the harsh reality this is MY life presently.

I guess I'm seeking some direct guidance in certain areas of my present/future that have to change & soon.

If anyone can genuinely help.. I would be very grateful for your insight.

Thank you.

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Dear Truth-A,

You have a great amount of self-pity, like you've made huge sacrifices for others and got nothing in return. You feel "enough is enough", "admitting failure", "there is nowhere to go", "quitting", "giving up". But, please do not blame yourself. You can just take the lessons you've learnt for your own spiritual growth. Again, I get the same reading that you look for truth and justice. So, you're willing to take risks to communicate to get closer to the truth of a situation. Some news could alert you to the truth. Your current phase of life is coming to an end. Now, it's time to look back what you did succeed and fail? And, what big lessons have you learnt? Life cannot stay as it is because change is unavoidable. You can just release them. Fortunately, you'll get benefits by being responsible for your choices and behaviour. You just be honest with your heart because the emotion in your heart is your authentic self.

I hope my reading helps you to get more insights about your situation.

Love and Blessings to you,


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