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Black mold specters of Waterford

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Paul Dale Roberts: Mariposa Ortiz says she saw me on TV and decided to contact me. She had one investigative group in her home and they did not help her at all. Activity: Her husband and her 10 year old son have seen 3 spirits. There is a little girl spirit, a man (bald man with beard) spirit and a full figure white outlined spirit. The son is TERRIFIED. One night when she was sleeping, she felt a breath on her face. Her husband saw a man standing over her as she lay in bed. The radio goes off and on – on its own. Stuff goes missing around the house. She wants a blessing conducted on her home. Note: Black mold was found in the house. Black mold has been known to cause hallucinations. Are they really experiencing something paranormal or is there a more natural explanation that originates with the black mold?

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