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how to be not.connected to someone

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How do you not be connected to someone.. They r mean and hateful to me and yet I'm worried about this person daily. They r always right there on my mind. It's exhausting. Why this person. I'm I suppose to do something for them cause if not I don't want to have anything to do with them and yet I truly feel I'm being pulled. I can't tell anyone or they will think I'm crazy. I've known this person since we were kids but we are not close at all. I don't even see them but yet there they r.

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Were you romantically involved?

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Hello Runner21,

I find that this issue comes up a lot. There are usually deep implications which one or both parties do not wish to address.

There is no way that I know of to avoid resolving something like this. I feel it is best to calmly talk it through in you mind with person giving you grief.


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Cut all ties with the person.


This can be done by writing out all your thoughts and feelings in and about this person then,

Place a pillow or cushion on the floor.

Get a pair of non slip gloves and a baseball bat

Kneeling at the front of the cushion, as if you are about to do a forward roll but don't.

Place the paper with on top of the cushion in front of you.

Wear the non slip gloves.

Take the baseball bat in both hands.

Raise the bat above your head and bring it down in one determined, precise move onto the paper.

Bash away until no paper remains.

This is done one blow at a time.

Very, very controlled.

Another way is to forget the bashing of the paper all together.


this bashing of the paper can be a very rewarding exercise in its self, as it is good in improving your upper arm strength. No bingo wings with this action. :clap: You will get a good work out at the same time. :yes: but if this is not an option….. Too loud, for example or you haven't the baseball bat or the room. Then there are other methods.

As I write this, it is the last quarter of the waning moon. So if you did not already know, this is an excellent time to do this work.

The waning moon is the time of the month to de-clutter your life in all ways.

Another way,

Is to carefully tear the paper with all these feelings and thoughts on it into thin strips. Then into even smaller pieces, the smallest pieces you can.

Then carefully burn the remaining paper confetti in a safe candle flame or bonfire. If this is not safe or for whatever reason you are unable to do so…. Then throw the pieces away into the bin.

Some throw these confetti pieces into the low or ebbing tide at the shoreline.


Burry the remaining pieces at a three pronged cross roads.


There are many ways of breaking these ties that binds us.

Not only to others but for habits we wish to break too.

In truth,

it is the mental, emotional intention more than anything that breaks these bonds that bind you to this person.

More than any action as such.


There is something cathartic about doing any or all of these things, if you get my drift.

All I have decribed are non confrontational and to some, may seem silly, whatever.

Personally, I find these techniques very affective indeed.


You can imagine using, scissors or a giant cookie cutter and imagine cutting away these ties from about your Aura.

These techniques are imagined, visualisations.

It depends how good you are at visualising as to how effective this techniques will be for you.

Visualise all the connections to this person as threads, strands, stems, or just plain old ties about your Aura/ space visualise them being cut away as the giant cookie cutter come down all around you at about arms length from your body.

Or you can try using the fire method,

Imagining all these ties being severed and burned away.

Or the roots method,

Of weeding out all the ties that bind you from this person.

You can get a healing bath where you imagine these ties dissolving in the waters.

Ok, so now we have touched on the emotional and mental methods, now for the physical.


From what you write, you seem not to have any physical contact with this person but if you do.

It is time to cut all ties that connect you to them.

Some people remove any items they may still have of the other person.

Some have a cleansing bonfire and burn these items or others, just give them to charity.

De- clutter your life of anything that has strong links or memories to or with this person.

You know, to be honest….. There's loads of other variations on the same theme.

The theme being the cutting of any ties that bind you to this other person.

Stop for a time going where they go, whilst sometimes this may be hard to do if say, they are following you around but it need only be for a month or so, it depends.

You'll know when it is done.

Generally, it take a month. The forty days and forty nights rule is a pretty accurate one. i find any who.

Hope this makes sense and helps.

May all the ties that bind you be shed.

So mote it be. So it be done. All the best.

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U seem to have some kind of a spiritual connection or deep connection, I am not sure but I think so . Though it is giving u trouble and U r not happy with it . When you have a deeper connection with a person u feel pulled for no reason. Its not necessary that the person should be there in ur life for such connections to happen.

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Blue star went kinda overkill on the spell list :P but that stuff should work. I just did some binding work on my wedding ring to fix my issue, but I hate giving out my spells so go with Blue Star her advise should fix you up.

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