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Is there a mechanism behind divination?

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This is my understanding of divination and how and why it works:

As I have mentioned in other posts, I use divination in my daily life. By divination I mean the interpretation of dreams, the interpretation of signs and portents, the interpretation of oracle or tarot cards or even the interpretation of one’s life events.

The implication of everything being interpretable is that rather than living in a mechanistic world governed by rules (the world of science, say), we live in a world of meaning --- a dream world. To live in and understand this world, one must develop the ability to understand dream language --- a language which, among other attributes, has no rules and relies heavily on metaphor. It is rarely literal.

(For example, the interpretation of weather signs and portents does not arise, as people imagine, from observations of bird behaviour or from seeing “red skies at night”. These are rules. They are NOT real divination.)

As I said above, we live in a dream world or, in modern terms, one can liken it to a virtual reality world. In this world, each of us exists in a symbiotic relationship with a larger mind that I call the Quew. This relationship is a working partnership which approximates to that of player and dungeonmaster in the game Dungeons and Dragons. The Quew is the dungeonmaster, you the player. The Quew’s job is to create the scenarios of one’s life.

Communication between the human and this mind, the Quew, is via dreams. Our minds create dreams which inform the Quew of how we are dealing with the scenarios it creates as well as to ask questions about things which puzzle us and to tell it our dreams and ambitions. (The scenarios the Quew creates allow us to fulfil those dreams and ambitions.) The Quew communicates to us through the dreams we experience in our sleep --- these are the replies to our questions, plus any other stuff it wishes to communicate to us.

This symbiosis means that each of us can be, and should be, completely independent of external authorities such as religious, scientific or medical authorities or any other authority whatsoever. It means we can and should be completely self-sufficient. The means by which one lives this independent, self-sufficient existence is by the use of one’s senses, one’s intuition and one’s feelings. It is a healthy, natural life that is fun, is never work and is never dull – a sort of Utopia

Clearly, in order to live this life, one has to be able to understand communications from the Quew i.e. interpret dreams, as well as be able to interpret other forms of communication such as tarot/oracle cards and signs and portents. People, however, have lost this ability. The reason is that people have gone astray. They have become addicted to a drug: POWER. This is the root of all the world’s problems, including illness.

So, an addiction to power is the reason why people can no longer practice real divination. Their addiction has degraded their minds, made their minds so dysfunctional such that they have lost the ability to interpret divination and dreams. In other words, people have become isolated from their Quew --- they are no longer able to communicate with it or understand communications from it.

The ONLY route to restoring communications between human and Quew i.e. to develop the ability to interpret divinations and dreams and thus to restore oneself to health, is to cure one’s addiction to power --- not an easy process, but you will NEVER be able to live the Utopian life until you do.

For further discussion on divination, please see my pieces: “Divination in daily life” (blog) and “Weather forecasting for dummies” (Metaphysics). Other pieces should follow.

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In my honest opinion, I don't believe most of humanity has lost the ability of divination since most of us don't possess any divination-like abilities (It seems to be an extremely rare talent). I believe that divination abilities are directly linked to someone with precognitive powers (yes, I used "powers". I like the word, so sue me lol :-*). I also believe that a precognitive/divining person isn't really connected to a dungeonmaster of sorts, but rather is connected to time and space in a way that let's them psychically calculate and/or understand future probabilities, allowing them to divine things that are, yes, oftentimes seen in dreams, though the dreams themselves are just that with a hint of predictive power. I am not so sure I believe in the living-in-a-dream scenario, but to each their own. I have heard someone tell me that when they see into the future (divining something), they feel this "mystical pull" that, as strange as it sounds, feels like they are being shown something in the future that has a different energy and aura than the present, and they go with what the energy and aura is "telling” them. That is the mechanics for one person anyway.

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