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Still Waters

Would you cryopreserve your head?

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Still Waters

A group of Oxford dons are spending roughly the same amount per month as a gym membership to be cryo-preserved after they die - or frozen in liquid nitrogen at -196C.

The hope is that in a few hundred years, technology will be developed enough to revive them.


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The fallacy to this is that the people in a few hundred years will actually want to revive them... Particularly if the technology is advanced enough - meaning that there is no interveneing "dark age" and thus no loss of historical data from today...

They would be middle aged (or much older) people with no practical skills and full of outdated, obsolete knowledge... Not who I would choose to thaw out...

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I don't expect to live but once, and I don't want to. So I would hardly waste my money on freezing my head to obtain something I don't want.

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