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Witches Brew!

The Nameless One

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Ok this is how it works there are 4 witches whom hail from the mountains of the 4 corners of the world.

The Witch from the North was given the power over the coldest winds and dark specters of the night. The Moon is her symbol

The Witch from the East was given the power over the living earth and all the woodland animals of the forest. The Twin Trees of Life and Knowledge are her symbols.

The Witch from the South was given the power over the deepest of waters and all the sea creatures of the great deep. The Leviathan serpent is her symbol

The Witch from the West was given the power over the hottest of fires and all the daemons of hell. The Sun is her symbol

One night the witches got together and decided to get stupid drunk, and then go find some sexy vampire women to wrestle in blood with, along with some handsome looking brutes to watch. For the next week there was a lot of craziness that went on, in fact everyone was so drunk they forgot what happened, and what they were drinking in the first place. You're one of the witches slaves, and they need your help to in making limitless amounts of new kinds of witches brews, so that they can have another crazy weekend! Knowing what you know about each witch, given in the information above you must use their elements, creatures, and symbols to make twisted and interesting concoctions.

When making a brew, make sure you let us know what elements you used to make it, then next give it a cool name so the witches can distribute the brew and make a "prophet". 3rd let us know what symbol its under and place a WARNING LABEL on the bottle displaying the effects it will have after drinking the magical elixir. After every 4 brews are made, the witches will make a prophet. If you are the lucky person who falls under the prophet you must name him or her and tell their story about what happened on that crazy weekend with the witches!

I'll go first using wind and fire. I've created Fire Dancer under the Moon. Warning! Upon drinking this you will end up naked in a bed of wooden spoons with your thumb in your mouth.

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Using earth and and water , I have made muddlefuk.

Warning : Using this brew will cause temporary loss of memory and genitalia to morph into opposite sex.

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I will use wind and water .

I will create Giant Squishy Wind oil . It's applied topically with a serpents tail .

Warning !

Using this oil can cause you to suddenly fly backwards in short bursts ,and not stop until you smash into an immovable object .

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