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Orion: Testing continues

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NASA's Orion Program First Fairing Separation Test Provides Data To Validate Design

NASA is carrying out a series of tests to ensure the agency's Orion spacecraft can successfully jettison its protective fairings, or covers, during its ride to space. During the first of these tests, two of the three fairing panels separated as planned, but a third didn't.

The fairings are panels that will protect Orion's service module from the environment around it, whether it's heat, wind or acoustics. The testing is designed to demonstrate the fairing system's separation sequence before Orion launches on its first mission, Exploration Flight Test-1 (EFT-1), which remains on track for September 2014. During the flight test, Orion will travel 3,600 miles into space and return to Earth for a landing in the Pacific Ocean. It will allow engineers on the ground to evaluate Orion's design before humans take their first flight on it.

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