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.Life After Death:A Medium conducts a reading

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This is total crock. Any self-proclaimed medium can tell anything about an unprovable make-belief world.

It is kind of sad that there is audience for nonsense like this.

Yeah they can, it's not like other mediums seem to agree with what they see... They can even make up what they're saying to the people they're consulting.. It's not like these people will call bs or anything, right?

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You didn't bother to read what I wrote did you?

*snip redundant drivel*

Just the very fact you jumped in and tried to correct me on something I didn't say otherwise (which if you paid attention I didn't say string-theory or M-theory only had 3 dimensions, I said one explanation is matter exists only in 3 dimensions) shows you didn't read what I wrote. Edited by Rlyeh

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