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Man of Steel

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Just want to say Man of Steel is a great movie. My opinion there was a little bit too much action (i know guys like that stuff but they could have probably saved several million if they blew up two or three less buildings)

Anyway... Superman is FINE

they did a great job picking a good representative of The Man of Steel. I liked his body a lot... and I got a certain thrill when I saw him flying. The way he hovered above ground was also very cool.

I liked the alien aspect they put into the movie, it was surprising, not your normal superhero twist and was much appreciated. Story line was good, liked the suit and tie at the end and of course the glasses.... um yeah. I can discuss more if anyone obliges me but just wanna tell you to go run out and go see that!

For those who saw it, what do you think of the baby in the pod that the dragon/crab, whatever kind of creature that was, that Jor-El was riding on stole right before they stole the skull, at the beginning, right before they sent Superman into outerspace? They must have had a purpose for showing that but that baby never came up again AND they kept emphasizing that Kal-El was the first natural birth in centuries (a clue, so we wouldn't confuse the two children). Do you think this was supergirl? Normally they put cliffhangers at the end. Could this be a cliffhanger?


Anyway yeah. Superman is STILL my boyfriend...

Thanks. :)


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