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Just life

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Just life

It is simple statistics, it has to happen, those days, or weeks, or even months for some, when everything that can go wrong, does. It may not actually be everything, it just feels like it. It does not matter how busy your life is, in fact life can be very simple, but still, the house of cards can fall for a time and the whirlwind is experienced. It is then that patience can be developed, which is in reality a form of simply becoming centered and slowing down and doing one damned thing at a time and learning to let go of the illusion of control. It is like all the lights at a very large intersection all turn green at the same time and there is a lot of chaos all at once.

Patience for me can be very difficult. My mind tends to race, so it is then that I make it slow down and focus on that ‘one thing’ in front of me that I have to deal with. I tend to see the whole heap at once, which can be overwhelming, but if I learn to look at what is before me, it not only allows me to pick through what needs to be done, but also keeps my feet on the ground. One person at a time, one task, being patient for this instance, learning that is all I can do….as well as asking for help when needed.

When my mind and heart or focused, I find that I am not as fatigued, that I can actually do more when I slow down. I also find that prayer helps me to stay focused, to be in the moment and getting things done. Not as fast as I would like, but done none-the-less.

It is just life, common as sand on any beach, we all go through it. Knowing that helps, for I then understand, that it is just life, often painful, confusing and exhausting, but very important to navigate without sinking, or giving up. Just one step at a time “Sweet Jesus”, as the song goes.

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