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I see a lot of things come up on the UM.. Some folks just seem to do zippo research, some seem to do quite a bit of digging.

I'm one of the diggers.

So I wanted to start a thread about research. Share resources, perhaps give newer folks a direction on how to find information... So, how and where do you go for research?

I like http://www.strangeus...h.XZFNK25T.dpbs It has lots of junk, but is a pretty decent source for picking up more active word of mouth about places than a lot of static sites. I've seen places on static sites that were destroyed years ago- and only found out because of strange USA. Also rather useful for pinpointing where places are, since lots of folks ask about that kind of information. It's kind of a Wikipedia of weird, useful to get an overview with pointers to research, but keep in mind any knob can add to an entry. And it has zero regulation about private locations or legality issues with public locations, so buyer beware! great site for looking up dead folks.

Local police, courthouse, and township records- sometimes online, sometimes not.

Local newspapers- it's good to get media reports, but always better to pick up the local papers- it's usually a red flag if some online paper has something, but zero record of anything is found locally.

Local libraries and historical societies. These folks often have heaping archives of information. Crimes, peoples, industries, parks, old buildings and places.. Lots of info.

Natural Resource sites- like parks and recreation. A lot of those sites give information about the history of the area and the geographical information lacking on other sites.

Google and Bing maps. I like to see what I'm researching about. Not always up to date though. I've had maps show existing haunts where more recent reports stated they were demolished or incredibly altered. Though that out of date is sometimes useful too to show where things used to be.

Image sites. There's a handful of them. Very useful because sometimes people have captured decaying action and that's the last you see of a place. Especially when trying to match up with historic images.

Books. Local and not, lots of information in tons of books.

So... what all research do you do, and what do you do to do it?

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Posted (edited)

One thing I'd like to point out is to just STAY AWAY from wikipedia. Likerashore pointed out, anyone can add to it. The best scholarly research can be done on "Google Scholar" and if you go to college or university, you automatically have access to some amazing research databases as well.


Also, peer reviewed work is also very good research. Just because someone with a "Phd." at the begining of their name writes something, doesn;t always make it truth. Make sure you do some backround as well.

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I am making a blog on here on techniques on researching the evidence provided.

I am starting off light then eventually get to the nitty gritty, I just curious how long until i get flamed for making them.

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