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Opposite and same sex turn offs

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Posted (edited)

Wanted to compile a list of what turns people off about either the opposite or same sex?

My list is what in a female turns me off but it also applies to both genders in general:

  • Too aggressive (top turn off in either sex for me)
  • Too weak and deferring to everyone else without having their own stances, wanting to please everyone except themselves
  • Drinking too much and then talking about it
  • Caters to men excessively: love sports, dresses in what she thinks men will like, plays too many video games, etc...
  • Wearing too much make up and doing it all wrong, makeup is not always necessary (note: French women go more for facial cleansers and not cosmetics)
  • Competitive especially if competitive with other women by talking bad about them
  • Not dressing age appropriate which is not classy
  • Not caring about how they look at all, frumpy is not good
  • Talks too much about their pets
  • Talks too much about their children
  • Talks too much about what her father thinks without being asked specifically for that information
  • Talks about how much others always give her attention and how they point out her good points, let us find out on our own
  • Talks too much about their health issues and tells everyone every time they are sick, they are just advertising that they are not healthy
  • Unable to have male friends and is only after romantic relationships
  • Too flirty while lacking seriousness and depth

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Posted (edited)

The top turnoff is jealousy/envy.

I also am turned off if they get bored while I talk, especially about myself.

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