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My eyes

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Since I was born I have had hazel colored eyes. For those who don't know, hazel eyes are eyes that contain both green and brown color. Throughout my life I have suffered from terrible ADD and focus problems. I always just thought it was a normal disorder thing but recently I've noticed some strange things. I seem to have gained a kind of 6th sense for things. It all started last year during a dodge-ball game at school. All of my teammates were tagged out and I was the only person left pitted against 5 people of the other team. Logically, if the people are throwing from multiple different points on the court I would not be able to see every ball in order to catch or dodge. My opponents spread out across the gym and would try to blind side me but every time they tried I always managed to sort of feel the ball coming and dodge it. I was able to tag out every single opponent without getting out. Afterwards I went to the bathroom and naturally looked in the mirror on the way out. Upon doing this I noticed my eyes were extremely green with barely any brown showing at all.

I began noticing weird things after this. The colors of my eyes would fluctuate from almost completely brown to almost completely green. The more brown my eyes were the less focus I would have and the sort of 6th sense I seemed to have would be weaker. But when my eyes were really green my focus would heighten and I would be able to strongly sense the presence of things both living and non living around me. This came especially handy in sports but the color fluctuation seemed uncontrolable. No matter how hard I try I am unable to change the color of my eyes by myself.

I really want to be able to learn more about and learn to control this newfound ability. I would really appreciate any help from anybody if anyone has similar abilities or knows anything about them cause I'm really lost here. Also, is there a term for people with this ability?



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Mr. Sister Elle Sade Ai Ni

Hazel eyes can change color for numerous reason.

It is based on a number of factors, available light, your iris dilation, the other colors in the room for comparison, that persons color perception, and your own blood and eye pressure. With hazel eyes and most other eye colors your eyes aren't a single shade but a number of shades close together that move as your eye conditions change. With most people they are all of a single dominate hue but people like us with hazel eyes have multiple hues in their iris so we will get a broader range of perceived colors based both on what is actually visible and what the viewer picks up.


Also an aboriginal tribe in Australia, the Guugu Yimithirr, greet each other not by saying "hello" but by telling everyone which direction they are going. They also do not left or right but always use directions such as east, northeast, north by northeast, etc...

They can do this indoors and from a very young age. Visitors cannot do this but they can learn. One day a scientist who was studying them was walking and had an image in her mind where she could visualize everything on the ground as if she were an eagle and people were ants and the whole landscape unfolded before her. She suddenly realized and was able to understand how they saw the world at all times. When explaining to them her experience they understood and relayed to her that this was exactly what they do without having to visualize it fully but just knowing as we know right from left.

So your temporal-spatial frame of reference could have simply shifted during the game of dodgeball from what our Western culture is traditionally considerate of.

As is most successful athletes use creative visualization and then when the time comes to make the shot, for example, they simply do it without thinking about it.

Were you using any creative visualization techniques naturally beforehand, be they related to the game or over something else? Were you imagining anything in all its dimensions and angles? That could have transferred over to your excellent performance.

Congratulations on winning the game while facing such odds toward the end.

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