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Mr. Sister Elle Sade Ai Ni

Miley, Bynes, Lohan are all aliens (poem)

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you have changed

so far so fast

recall when

we were young

innocent carefree

by all appearances

but now you

are having fun

freer than ever

so slow good-bye

will take my time

wondering what

you will become

imagine colors

of our auras

creation visualization

solstice-galaxy alignment

once passed through

and still going to

forming wings

edging darkness

to find light

getting balance right

some call it circus

but buy tickets anyways

all watching for fall

so someone will catch

if you do

doubt you will

sitting on window sills

hand pressed to glass

no one ever asked

it's already rained

you deserve to dance

don't save that dress

no time is best

better than now

cardinal directions

and golden rules

all failed when i most

need you

like now and then

just be true

we've all accepted

fate when born

basked in glowing

stars when warm

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I was wondering what was wrong with them.

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