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Hey all,

It's been a while since I've lurked these forums inparticular. But, now I'm back and looking for a genuine, 100% accurate reader. If you've been a round for a while, you know me pretty well, but I need some complete, direct, and spot on advice. I understand how readings work, as I did them for years myself. So if you need any info, then I appreciate your time, but your not who I need. If you can pick up what you need and believe you can send me these messages, please send me a PM with all your getting. Don't hold back!

*This reading is not for those who are just starting out; or trying out their gift*


God Bless.

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Posted (edited)

Dear Jessem,

Since you are looking for 100% correct answers, you will want to access your own Akashic Records because your Akashic Records contain your true origin, past lives, and everything about you based on actual information. But, I don't know if you have heard Akashic Records before.

For your kind information, the Akashic Records are "non-physical libraries" with higher vibrations which record every action, feeling, thought, and experience for all consciousnesses in all parallel realities (pasts, presents, futures) at the same times. That's why many people called Akashic Records as "The Book of Life". And, that's why many people can access it at anytime and any place they want.

You know, I prefer Akashic Records because their information is based on facts only. So, they are not based on intuition/psychic/tarot cards/oracle cards. In fact, Akashic readings are provided by only your own Masters and Spirit Guides who always provide correct answers for your questions based on your higher soul level. Hence, they know you more than you consciously know yourself.

That's why I love asking for divine guidance from my own Masters to help me on how to deal with certain situations. I also asked them why I suffer certain things as well. They always give me hidden answers with pure love, light, and truth based on my soul level.

You can access your own Akashic Records by yourself. But, you need to have your vibrations high enough in order to access your Akashic Records. It's normally done through deep meditation or prayers. Or, you can ask someone else to access your Akashic Records by giving them your permission. But, they normally charge you as a form of exchange for the services they provide you. I can help you to access your Akashic Records if you want to. You can just send me PM if you want to know more information.

Love & Blessings to you,


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