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Rock my Bigfoot hunting RV

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*roll eyes*

I’m afraid someone beat Meldrum:

New show: “Rock My RV with Bret Michaels” on Travel Channel.

“Big Foot Hunter” episode:

A young teen (looked 12-14) said he did a report on bigfoot for school and ever since he’s been interested in bigfoot and wants to camp and hunt bigfoot. So, his father bought an 1980’s ambulance to convert to a camper. The task got too big and took too long so they wound up (surprise!) on Michael’s new show.

This Big Foot Hunter RV was equipped with:

--Custom vinyl digital camo so bigfoot won’t see them coming.

--All-terrain type wheels for off road pursuit

--Rack and winch to make hauling in that bigfoot body possible

--KC spotlights on all sides of the RV no more hiding inside the treeline big guy

--Glass covered map (table) to plot their hunting

--Walkie Talkies

--And a fiberoptic ceiling of the constellations… and I think I saw a meteor whiz by.

--Thermal imaging sees 4x farther than your headlights and "bigfoot would appear white” the thermal expert told them (heard a few hundred arguments on that one)

Michaels called in bigfoot expert Ro Sahebi for advice. Ro brought a cast of one of the 60 15” footprints he and Justin Smeja found where Smeja shot the two bigfoot (Sierra Kills). Did I see somewhere Sahebi gives tours of the kill sight. Boo! Wonder how much?

Yes, it’s all entertainment just like bigfoot, but I say “About time!” It took a kid to make something like this bigfoot hunting vehicle happen. Hope he hauls one in and lays it at MM feet.

I’m sure the show will repeat ad nauseum on the Travel Channel.

Before and after photos:

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Oh well, he might look as younger a Justin Beiber, but maybe he's old enough to have a driver's license? My guess would be that Dad just wants him out of the house and has the money to entice him to do just that by giving him a party wagon in the guise of it being a Bigfoot hunting command post.

Probably has a hot tub too.

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Posted (edited)

No, actually Dad and Mom and sister are going to use it with him for camping (while hunting bigfoot, I guess).

It does have a cool bed with fiberoptic stars overhead though. ;)

Edited by QuiteContrary

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Posted (edited)

.....and that is so important when hunting Bigfoots.


I should add:

WTF, does Bret Michaels know about customizing RV anyway?

Edited by keninsc

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