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Recent flash floods in the himalayas

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The recent floods in the himalayan regions of Kedarnath, Ganga river basin areas and upper regions of the Gangetic plain has caused much suffering to people with hundreds dead and thousands missing. Similar natural calamities have been witnessed across the globe in recent years. These need to be interpreted as critical warning signs, and indicators of ecological imbalances in the world. We all need development and benefits of technology, but if we do not plan well and control the human activities that disturb natural balance, then nature might react in severe ways and at that time we will have no time to escape the consequences. No one had any idea of such possibilities, the meteorological department just predicted rains, and suddenly it happened in minutes. We may not understand the extent of damage but awareness at this point can help us to restore natural balance.

If the glaciers melt , the snow cap continues to recede we might end up with water scarcity, high temperatures and and chaos. We have cut too many trees and now re plantation is not matching the level of deforestation. We will need to take collective action as well as individual action. Each cell in our body has perfect homeostasis, every thing has a precise balance, it should not be disturbed maybe we need to slow down growth in other sectors for a while and just focus more on natural resources, we need lots of trees every where.

Upto 70 hydel power projects are in existence on the ganga river alone, norms have been flouted , business cannot be done at such a great cost to nature , for usually business men do not respect anything else but profit, Some people are profiting but millions will pay the price, the Himalayas are beautiful, Yogis , Sadhus and householders live thir in peace , Many good yogis have come to west and served the world. If those who can help in nature preservation will start their own individual efforts then surely future problems can be solved. With so many resources if we give a little more priority to nature and stand together i,m sure much can be done.

We need international coverage, articles and support to make it possible everyone together can help preserve the beauty of nature , and atleast the Himalayas should be spared from over agrressive development projects,

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